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The Insideous Lovecraftian Ecology of The Ovions - The Feasters From Within

Are there strange insectoid aliens out among the old stars that have preyed upon us down through the ages? Did the Atlanteans or the Hyperboreans know them & their demonic masters?

They have been with us thousands of years, brought onto Old Earth when the ancient ones came to our small planet eons ago. They are the children of the southwestern wind, the bearers of storms & drought. But these insectoid alien entities often masquerade in a thousand forms. Some know them as the Ovions but many know them by the legions of names they carry with them through ancient myth & legends of Old Earth. But now their mines & hives complexes dot the Martian underworld in the southwestern wastelands of Old Mars  
Their brothels, pleasure palaces, & human run settlements mask their works below & hide the horrid secrets of these ancient alien horrors.

The sacred texts of old Earth spoke of these false insectoid deceivers & gave cryptic warnings of them that have come down through the ages to us. From the forbidden  Necronomicon, the scrolls of Skelos, Marvels of Science, & even the Christian Bible. Our ancient ancestors knew them very well.
"I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter, my great army, which I sent among you.
Joel 2:25 Bible English Standard Version"

Ovions often set up the gambling resorts & pleasure to lure humans to them to serve as living food for their hatching larvae in their underground chambers even as they mine for rare fuels, minerals, & other weird sources of energies. But they always work in a symbiotic relationship with a more powerful race as they exploit the local human or near humanoid population as food for their young & as a psychic resource for their leaders & spawn. Going back to Mesopotamia, 900-612 BC their demonic master Pazuzu brought them to old Earth to mine for gold, nuclear fuels, & many precious metals. They were finally driven back to their colony upon Earth's moon 'Luna' which had one of their hidden cities & for thousands of years they remained undiscovered until 1901. When an eccentric scientist, Mr. Cavor & a businessman Mr. Bedford stumbled upon their sophisticated extraterrestrial civilization they call these creatures "Selenites". They had no clue that these 'Selenites' had been visiting, mining, & taking full advantage of the humans of Earth for thousands of years.
These men discover that gold is common on the moon, something that always seems to follow Ovions/Selenites. There will be 1d3000 coins worth of  gold artifacts or ore around the mining works of these aliens .
 There are literally thousands of forms of Ovions,the species can adapt a myriad of humanoid forms with a wide variety of limbs for many purposes from industrial to military.

"Cavor's account explains that Selenites exist in thousands of forms and find fulfillment in carrying out the specific social function for which they have been brought up: specialization is the essence of Selenite society. "With knowledge the Selenites grew and changed; mankind stored their knowledge about them and remained brutes—equipped," remarks the Grand Lunar, when he finally meets Cavor and hears about life on Earth.[8] Unfortunately, Cavor reveals humanity's propensity for war; the lunar leader and those listening to the interview are "stricken with amazement". Bedford infers that it is for this reason that Cavor has been prevented from further broadcasting to Earth. Cavor's transmissions are cut off as he is trying to describe how to make cavorite. His final fate is unknown, but Bedford is sure that "we shall never… receive another message from the moon""
These alien insect humanoids often sport very sophisticated weaponry, tools, & technology. These will often be in the form of laser weaponry in the form of staffs, pistols, or rifles. These weapons are capable of doing 1d8 x2 points of damage per shot with a range of 60 feet or better with an energy cell capable of holding 1d20 shots. There will be 1d4 energy cells nearby if found as a part of a horde.

Concept art of Dan Goozee for Battlestar Galactica's Ovion costume.

The true forbidden trauma of these insect fiends is the fact their young feast upon humans & red Martians with relish. These spawn feed upon flesh,organs, & even bone to build their chitinous exoskeletons as well as limbs. Should human prey not be available they will use locally available minerals, fungus, and flesh of so called 'moon cows'. The flesh of humans & Red Martians is prized above all others. These spawn also psychically  feed on the excitement, fear, and depravity of their prey who indulge in the vice palaces above the nest sites of these creatures. There have been reports of some adventurers who have been infected with parasitic Ovion younglets through food or oral implantation. Those who do not make a save vs poison become infected for a 1d6 week period with a growing parasitic embryo. The thing grows into a fully grown  adult warrior caste  within eighteen hours unless a cure light wounds or super science medicinal measures are applied.

Speculation among certain branches of esoteric experts wonder if these insectoid aliens might somehow be related to alien creatures of Clark Aston Smith's Master of the Asteroid.

For further information about the set up and society of the Ovions see the free download of HG Wells The First Men in the Moon

Concept art of Dan Goozee for Battlestar Galactica's Ovion costume.

The Warrior caste of the Ovions

No Encountered: 1d2 (1d4+6) 
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Size: L 
Hit Dice: 4+2 
No Attacks 2(claw/claw) 
Damage 1d6+1/1d6+1 
or weapon 
Saving Throw:13 
Experience: 175 

Ovion Worker 
No encountered : 1d4 
Alignment: Neutral with Evil tendencies
Size: M 
Movement: 20 
Dexterity: 12
AC: 7 
Hit Dice: 4 
No Attacks:2 (claw/claw) 
Damage:  1d6+1/1d6 +1 
Saving throw: 15 
Experience Points: 90 
Treasure Type: Qx2

Ovion Spawn 
No Encountered:1d3 
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Size: Small 
Hit Dice: 2 (4) 
No Attacks:1 (bite) 
Damage: 1d6 
Saving Throw: 15 
Morale: 6 
Experience: 90 
Treasure: S from victim's possessions

For even more more wonderful concept artwork & incredible insight into the history of the Ovions in Battle Star Galactica see the History of the Ovion Costume from the Galatica TV website
& Paula Crist GALACTICA.TV interview. Paula Crist was a stunt woman on the Battlestar Galactica series that next to fitting the costume also ended up wearing it on screen.

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