Sunday, February 5, 2017

'Pay What You Want' OSR Resource - D100 Minor Magical Items From 3 Toadstools For Your Old School School Adventures

Sometimes you need a minor magic item but not something that isn't going to wreck your adventure or campaign. This relic can branch off on their adventure tie ins. These items are not going to change lives but they can twist adventurers around a bit. Three Toad Stools released D100 Magic Items a while back and these are perfect additions into a back part of a treasure horde or another item to slip into the mix. D100 Minor Magic Items From 3 Toadstools is a 'pay what you want' title.

Clocking in at five pages D100 Magic Items has just the right mix of the strange & weird to keep a group of jaded players guessing. These are not your standard items, instead the DM is given a nice cross section of the unusual to play with and add into the back end of their favorite module or old school adventure. The background tables alone are worth the price of admission.
These magic items have all of the weirdness & charm that one might find in some of the lighter pieces of Dragon magazine during the classic era. These hearken back to a time, when classic era TSR was doing some really interesting  but strange magic items.
This means that with a short description & no frills set up there is plenty of room for the DM to add these items where & when they want into their campaign settings & adventures.

Arthur Pyle's Arthurian artwork, not actually in D100 Minor Magic Items

These items can add a bit more depth & an unexpected twist to an existing adventure by throwing a player a minor curve ball when they get the 'same old boring' gold pieces, +2 swords,etc. This not only add a bit of the unexpected but a twist in the old treasure horde or pile. Sprinkle these items into the campaign sparingly to give a bit of campaign gravity at just the right time. My advice is to grab this title, D100 Minor Magical Items From 3 Toadstools could be that unusual spin that your party of adventurers has been waiting for. As a 'Pay What You' want title D100 Minor Magic Items are hard to go wrong with.

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