Saturday, February 11, 2017

1d6 Random Martian Women Warriors & Mercenary Companies Of 'Old Mars' Encounter Table

They are the Martian warriors without home, hearth, & family except to each other. These warriors are 'the promised ones' the mistresses of sword, spear, radium pistol, and energy weapons. They move across the face of 'Old Mars' with the tides of war & strife. These are the Martian  warrior women of the 'old world'. They are heroines to some, demons to many, & angels of war. Their bravery is second to none.

These companies are made up of 2nd & third level fighters with scatterings of scientists & wizards sprinkled with Martian clerics & thieves. These are very dangerous mercenaries working for honor, coin, & sometimes esoteric principles not easily understood by humans.
There is a 15% chance of these mercenaries having a relic or artifact weapon among them.  Here are 1d6 random women warriors & mercenary companies.
1d6 Random Martian Women Warriors
& Mercenary Companies Of 'Old Mars' Encounter Table

  1. 'The Silent Brides of Klou'r - These dangerous warriors are made up of the survivors of the sacking & looting of the low lander Martian tribes whose men and children were taken by high mountain mutants led by a mad scientist. They have followed in this mad man's conquests & stopped his reign of terror at every turn. There is a pattern of madness & violence to their actions, they fight for underdog kingdoms & kill slavers for their booty and loot. These they sell to finance their streak of revenge! They have been accused of stripping shipments from Helium & its neighbors for their treasure. 
  2. 'The Sisters of Revenge' - A group of displaced rebel scum and royals who are led by a scientist queen who is a master strategist and planner. Her troops come from the poorest natives of lower class low landers, her troops are loyal & very dangerous. They use several fliers of exceptional quality as troop transport. She is known for raiding radium shipments from the old mine works near the Weeping mountains. 
  3. The Hruir' Ous Or 'The Purple Lizards' a mercenary outfit named from the draco lizard beasts of the Purple Wastes near the Swamps of Thoon. These warriors are the descendants of a forgotten city who have turned to the life of mercenaries to feed their families they are known for using dangerous sword techniques and are gifted with radium rifles. They specialize in taking down cargo fliers and military transports. 
  4. The Daughters of Issus - A dangerous & murderous group of terrorists made up of scouts and rangers devoted to the displaced goddess. They are murderous psychopaths who carve up non believers & follow an incredibly foul crone goddess aspect of Issus. 
  5. The Carvers of Red - These mercenaries are actually scavengers & relic hunters who finance their operations with military contracts & actions. There are over 60,000 warriors who love to use some of the most dangerous energy weapons found in the wastes. They prey on flier pirates & wasteland raiders with relish. 
  6. 'The Toys' - A company of artificial persons who are converted 'pleasure bots & droids' from some long forgotten Martian city near the polar regions. They are supreme infiltrators & special forces, they often operate for years within a targets home turf & take out 'impossible' targets. There are nine groups of these ladies operating under the leadership of an A.I. called Benevolent Matrix.

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