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The Naashaiarhu - The A.I. Monoliths Of Eliza Five For Your Old School Space Opera

File:Mount monolith 001.jpg
A memory sea seen here isn't water or liquid of any type but the totality of 34 billion A.I. consciousnesses communing with each other at mid afternoon. 

The Naashaiarhu - The A.I. Monoliths Of  Eliza Five 

There are worlds where the very air hums with the voices of a billion artificial throats & sings with the chorus of  alien minds still busy after 2 billion years.
Eliza five is such a world created for the alien artificial intelligence that rest within their crystal matrices across the planet.
This is a world that has been terraformed into a paradise before the Silence & the Scream.
Bought by the Delos corporation this world is a paradise lost to mankind & taken  by his toys & creations.
Here Delos creates the delicate & intricate neutral networks that form all of their products across the universe. 
Androids,A.I., & a thousand other evolved electronic lifeforms are created here.
This is a paradise of life but also one of electronic death 
The very rocks hum with the electronic life of alien life created by who knows a billion years gone. 
File:Monolithes Mingan.jpg
The rocks are crystal nano matrices powered by the sun light itself. Here billions of artificial souls commune with each other in a sort of android afterlife.
 The very soil swims with their lives & each hillside. Perfect rock formation are not at all what they appear to be. 

In actuality each & every monolith is the living creation of  artificial minds & the nanodust of countless entities all busily working together. The monoliths are their thoughts given form. The power of all of those minds has given many a psychic strokes & spasms to be sure as they get sucked into the vortex of psychic thoughts & lost worlds within! 

File:Barents island monolith.jpg
Entities of frightening power form within hours, days, & last for months only to be dashed upon the rocks of strange shores. The process starts again within moments & hours.
The Delos corporation itself harvests these entities & places them within the electronic frames of  its products . They act as farmers of this world gaining countless advanced creations that are both unique & in some cases utterly frightening

The Lives Of The Naashaiarhu 
File:Badrulchau Stone Monoliths 2.JPG
The counsel of the 15 are seen here just before the monoliths break apart only t o reform in the morning . The crystal matrices of the  counsel extend deep within the soil of this world.  
The Naashaiarhu as they refer to themselves are scattered across their world born upon microscopic impregnated winds full of the nano dust. Delos will decontaminate any visitors so that secrets of  the world will not leave. 
A single A.I intelligence can spawn millions if not billions of spawn. There are reports of items & products simply being created over night.
The Deep Thinkers 
File:St albans freestone monolith purbeck.jpg
Some of the A.Is go into a sort of state where they become what are called deep thinkers. Artificial intelligence that look into other dimensions & places of deep mechanical & ordered revelation. These deep thinkers have been known to contact psychics from time to time with great prophecies & missions of the most dire nature. They are found at the top of mountains & by the shores of the artificial seas.
Those who disturb their peace of mind have been known to go mad as the intelligence turns its face toward the trespasser. The person is assaulted with cosmic truths & strange vistas of order never meant for the minds of men. 
The Religions of Eliza 
File:Monolith statue made by Bhuta Cult.jpg
There are some 200,000 humans & near humans scattered across the surface of the planet. These are workers in the employ of Delos who have turned to a strange religion called Char'ree. The religion centers upon the facets of logic that are revealed by the artificial intelligence themselves. They view the creatures as being the true lens through which the divine is truly glimpsed. It is from within their ranks that some of the best programmers & electronics experts emerge.
There are those who whisper that these beings are no longer human & that the strangely hued robes they wear mark them as copies created from the very nano dust. These beings some rumors warn will strike down those around them when the A.I. wars come.
The Tourist City
The city of  Right Haven is a city built upon the scale of humanity. Here the Delos corporation hosts the galaxy & sells its wares. Any piece of electronics up through technology level 3 verging upon 4 can be bought here for the right price.
Artificial persons, animals, plants, & other more unique things can be bought here. As long as the price is right things are for sale.
There are four resorts that Delos has recently opened. They cater to some very rich & strange clientele.

Near the poles of the planet are the whole sale outlets for the various corporate entities. Here the weapons, nano phages, & other dangerous wares are sold & distributed.
Here the pretense at anything that mankind might be used to is gone. Tri crystalline lifeforms & the like guard the places & the hums with nano phage clouds ready to strike. This is the Delos Corporation at its truest face.

The Memory Seas

These are places but weather events where billions of A.I.s create virtual seas of grey infinite nanites. These creations share billions of memories,experiences, etc. over the course of a few days. Here artificial persons come to be reabsorbed by their brethren in what is known as the Communion. These events might last for days, hours, but no longer then a week.
Those who wish to speak with or communicate with some of the lesser known A.I.s should do so at these places. There are rumors of the alien A.I.s taking charge of these events & questioning any humans at length about off planet affairs. Caution should be exercised.

Delos As Corporate Entity


Delos remains a force to be reckoned with in the fields of electronics, artificial life, & many electronic areas. The corporation remains one of the only  truly independent corporations left within space. They have their fingers in every aspect of robotic & human partnership within space.
Their influence, clout, politics, etc. remains firmly entrenched within the life blood of  human affairs.
Their slogan of the Future Today remains true as it was before the Atomic Wars of old Earth! 

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