Friday, June 29, 2012

The Celestial Toy Box Mission

A Mr. Zumdish artificial person who is looking for adventurers for a dangerous undertaking. Do you have the experience & quantifications for this incredible undertaking?  
The House of Zumdish has been operating the so called Cosmic Department Store Corporation for centuries but something has gone terribly wrong with their last 11 shipments.
The corporation provides minor items of pretech manufacture to wealthy 1 percent clients across the universe. They pride themselves on their  technology level four manufacturing capability. However after losing 2 free lancer parties they have been able to determine that two of their crafts have been shunted to an extra dimensional anomaly of undetermined origin..
The transportation craft pictured above had several valuable cargoes aboard & they are rather impatient to collect these!
The other ship was an inter system vessel with a highly radioactive cargo of fuel.
The patron is willing to offer a reward if the cargoes can be collected in a timely fashion & delivered unharmed

Mr.Zumdish is willing to provide coordinates within system for the entrance to the planar location of these craft in return for the utmost discretion in the matter.
There are after all other crews of freelancers willing to take on the job for the right price.

 Who knows what sort of fate awaits those who venture into the depths of interplanar space for these treasure hoards of  salvage.

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