Monday, June 25, 2012

Flash Gordon One Shot Using Crypts & Things & Carcosa

 We were  playing Flash Gordon but your on the ice moon of Frigia. You can either go to the weapons depot & recover the lost technology from the mega dungeon. Or you can run for your life from the Wampas that Ming has imported in to guard his pleasure palace the choose is yours.. 
Yes running away is an option... 

I don't kill characters they do that themselves especially checking out strange ice caves in the sides of blue mountains. Oi Vey 
So far no one dead... yet!  
They manged to kill the Wampa but it cost them a fighter! Also important fact here - Wampas have mates! She's a pin cushion from the thieves arrows! 
They're looting the cave now.. Lets see if they find the Mongoian ice slime at the bottom of the pit?

Yup they found it
Rot grubs in an ice cave? Yup along with a secret entrance to the megadungeon! Mike the player whose fighter bought it has another fighter ready to go! Well it looks like there was a live prisoner in the Wampa cave along with the loot & some rot grubs..Joined by another 4th level fighter! Uh oh I'm in trouble the others players just showed up! I've now got the usual gang of ten! I'm taking a break for 5 minutes as I revamp the adventure for 10 players instead of the usual 6 I had!
‎Six characters barely escaped with their lives from the Robotic Tombs Of Mongo - They learned the secrets of the Wampas, Ming clones wholesale. The players made it to a rocket ship & blasted off from Mongo as the robot guards called for reinforcements. The players found out that the pleasure palace was a hunting ground & they were the prey!
‎4 out of the 10 players died & it wasn't pretty at allMarathon game detailed below using Crypts & Things as the back system. Nice to know it doesn't crap out with 10 players. The DM is another story..
They want me to run this again next week! 
A Few Things From Tonight's Flash Gordon One Shot 
Rite Of Robot Reactivation & Revivification 

The caster must obtain the 23 names of the Gods of Robotics & the essential oils from a down space craft of the Erickinic'a robotic life forms. The caster must then find a bone yard of robotic lifeforms that he wants reactivated. For over 23 hours he must recite the names of the Gods Of Robotics. Upon the first hour of sunrise the next day. The robots, androids, & cyborgs will revive with limbs, power packs, etc all fully restored to working order. The whole thing is a sham & unless a robotic expert is able to preform a full tuneup & maintenance at the end of the rituals effects in 1d3 days. The robotic life forms will return to their previous condition unless the proper repairs are made. This rite animates 1d10 units of robots.
All information about Mongo was taken from Here

THe map for tonight's game can be found right Here


  1. Coolness. Man, you keep your player's thoroughly entertained.

  2. Thanks for the comment Trey. These guys weren't my regular players though. They belonged to my friend Larry & I've had to give them back in a sense.To tell you the truth after 7 plus weeks I'm starting to burn out with ten players. I'm just starting a new Stars Without Numbers game with a much smaller group on Thursday nights. Three maybe four players are my magic number. Trying to get into a more creative groove as well. There's an update about it that I just put up. I've got a ton of material to get to as well.


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