Saturday, June 30, 2012

Glitter Dome Station For Stars Without Number Campaign

Glitter Dome is the gate way to the Apostate worlds & stands as the trading port,customs area, & mall to the stars. The place has been in service for decades & has gone frequent overhauls. The station is of the Peerless Class & maintains a crew of over 30 at all times including service,security, maintenance. 
The Corporate Apostate worlds maintain the place as both show piece & neutral meeting ground with the powers of the galactic community. 

Glitter Dome Space Station 
 Powers 60/5 free  Mass 100/2 free 
Cost: 11,445,000 
Hit points: 100
Crew: 30/1000 
Weaponry: Jitter Beam Projector (+3 to hit/3d8+1,AP15,Phase3,Plasma Beam (+3 to hit/3d6+1 AP10) 
Defenses:Hardened Polycermanic Overlay, Micro Mutronic Defense Field 
Fittings: Armory, Braker Gun Array,Hydroponic Production, Life Boats, Orbital Lifters, Ship's Lockers, Workshops, ,13000 tons of cargo space

The Black Market Under Belly 
Glitter dome hides its secrets well beneath its slick corporate exterior. Here deals are done & cargoes of all stripes move through the place like fleas on a dog. The corporations actively encourage these dealings allowing nanotech weaponry, phage drones, & all styles of deals to be done. They encourage this style of deal because it keeps their hands free of any wrong doing.
A special class of  mafia has emerged. The gangster is gone replaced by the corporate bankster. These sharks of the corporate world are the dishonored & disrespected of the boards who have sunk to new levels . Here they operate with impunity in all of the galactic brushfire wars & weird semi criminal dens of scum & villainy throughout the known worlds.
 From identity clone theft to retro world razing these maniacs & psychos will do anything to make a buck. They are whispered rumors of these guilds being tied to eugenic cults & worse.
 Not all that glitters at  glitterdome is golden. 

Shepard's World 

This Super Earth World has been subtly terraformed with pretechnology into a show place of  beautiful beaches, incredible resorts, & mind boggling corporate show places. The planet is a trade world with thousands of ships lifting off from the central space port & jumping into the depths of space. This world has its own standing army & internal corporate police force to ensure the peace.
The world is more of a show piece but its the gate world to the man made paradise of the Apostate Worlds.

 The owners of this blog are not responsible for the 20% tax on all in coming cargoes into Glitterdome. The service charges that might be incurred while dealing with any guild representatives. The loss of limb or life when dealing with any cargoes presented by the guild or corporate interests. The small brush fire wars that may be encountered within any of the Apostate Worlds or their colonies . Remember to use caution when traveling the Apostates because even through they are corporate owned these systems are the target of frequent raiding clans especially of the Nargas & Yoka. 

File:Kanadehon Chūshingura by Toyokuni Utagawa III.jpg

Note that Glitterdome was constructed using information from the BannerJee Construction Solutions supplement available right Here


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