Friday, December 20, 2019

Fire Giants Sighted - A0-A4: Against the Slave Lords & OSR Deep Dive Session Report Seven

The party of adventurers tonight had to deal with a night goblin scouting party that was trying to sneak into camp in my  Cha'alt/Godbound  campaign. Our party's portal mage & his blink dog pack made short work of the three goblins. 

The party of adventurers had to deal with a bevy of murderous hopped up Cha'alt red caps who were hopped up on the Cha'alt drug  xanthium-183. These murderous bastards were armed with  war scythe & they were murdering anyone they came across in the ruins of San Barndo California.
There were a good ten to fifteen of the alien bastard fey that the party had to deal with. Saving people & trying to deal with the flickering fiends took up a good chunk of the night.

Red Cap 3.0 Dungeons & Dragons edition artwork that I happen to like.

Finally the party survived the horrific events of the night & heard rumors of fire giants in plate mail loading two hundred towns people onto cattle car like wooden crate/cages for shipping off to other worlds. The people of San Barndo California were being packed up  by the slavers & sent off world to be sold at auction on the block.

Along with the rumors of fire giants the party, also had to content with a boggle or two. This kinda threw them off a bit but these blood hound  bogeymen  were hunting a family of sun elves that had escaped from the Cha'alt rift out in Las  Vegas.The handlers of such monsters are utterly danranged bastards.

Finally the party confronted the family of sun elves who had escaped through the Cha'alt rift in Vegas through the dimensional breech. They also accepted healing from the wife of one of the refugees from Cha'alt.  The party of adventurers also confirmed the fact that the fire giants have been operating the whole time that the dimension breech was opened.

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