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The Starship Warden Kickstarter Deep Dive & Twenty Questions Interview With James M. Ward

"Your ship, the Goya, has just found the massive Starship Warden. Clattering around the junk and debris of your bridge, you manage to hail the beast of a ship, but receive no answer. You do however, manage to open the starboard forward bay doors. It's time to see who or what controls this massive ship..."

"Near the beginning of the 24th century, humans began the largest construction ever undertaken by their species. Larger than most cities, the project was forty-nine miles long, twenty-four miles wide, and more than six miles in height. The manufacture of this colossus required decades of labor by thousands of skilled craftsmen. It was a feat unequaled in human history at that time. Too large to be manipulated in planetary atmosphere and gravity, this behemoth was built in earth's
 orbit. It was developed to provide safety for more than a million souls and was to be filled with myriad forms of life.
Packed with the latest technology available at the time, the starship was capable of 90% of the speed of light. A trip to Alpha Centauri was but a mere 6 years. A host of other systems were well within reach, and this vessel was to take humanity to the stars. The planning for this mission was meticulous, the courage of her crew unquestionable, and the hopes of mankind ever present. She was named the Warden after her designer, and she set off for the stars in the late 24th century.
Less than two decades into her mission, she simply disappeared. There has now been no word from the Warden for more than 300 years...."

The big story today out of Troll Lord Games is the Star Ship Warden Kickstarter which has hit over 27, 292 dollars. I have a feeling that this kickstarter is gonna keep growing for this massive book. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a fan of the original James Ward  Metamorphis Alpha rpg. James Ward & Chris Clark have  been expanding the star ship Warden history, setting, &  into other gaming systems such as a Goodman Games version. And now the the latest incarnation the Star Seige Star Ship Warden rpg system! But for the long time fans who want to run this latest Metamorphis Alpha with the original system fear not;"The Starship Warden is a world contained within the massive Warden...itself about 49 miles long. It is designed for use with StarSiege, a Siege Engine RPG fully compatible with Amazing Adventures and Castles & Crusades. For those who would rather use the original Metamorphosis Alpha rules as published in 1977, you can so do with only slight modifications. "
Go Check Out  The Starship Warden Kickstarter Here 

James M.  Ward is a gaming legend in my book. The father of the science fantasy rpg with games like  Metamorphosis Alpha (the first science fiction rpg), Gamma World( one of the first post apocalyptic rpgs) , & many other game supplements.Jim Ward is also the author & or co-author of  Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons along with Robert Kuntz.

 He's worked for, written for, & was at the center of  TSR during their gold age, founded his own gaming companies, been an editor in the table top rpg industry for many years. He also took time out of his busy schedule to talk with Swords & Stitchery for the first of a two part interview. 
Thanks for taking time &  agreeing to be interviewed James about the Star Ship Warden Kickstarter campaign. 
1. How did you get involved with the Stephen Chault and the Troll Lords? 
JMW: Steve Chenault approached me with an idea to do a hardbound like the Deities & Demigods TSR book. I turned it over ahead of schedule and with lots of added features and he loved it. I have been writing product for him ever since. 

2. What makes the Star Ship Warden a great fit with the Seige Engine system & do you think it fits the overall theme of the legacy of your wonderful creation? 
The Warden reallyl works with any science fiction role playing game. For all of the creatures and tech items we fitted them with Siege Engine stats. 

3. What do you think the enduering popularity of the story & setting of the Warden? 
JMW: That's a great question. It's a change of pace for the fantasy role--players. The idea of saving a lots starship strikes a cord with the adventure loving gamers. 

4. Do you see other Star Siege products in the future of the Star Ship Warden? 
JMW Probably not. I would like to keep expanding the MA product line. 

5. There are so many adventures that can be run with the Star Ship Warden where should brand new dungeon master start? 
JMW: Goodman Games has a large number of MA products. 

6. Are we going to see new levels in this version of the Star Ship Warden that we haven't seen before? 
JMW: We designed a new Dome level as well as 16 totally new levels between the decks. 

7. New mutants means new monsters do you have a favorite in this version of the Star Ship Warden? 

JMW: I'm torn between loving Wolfoids and broken security robots. 

8. The Star Ship Warden kickstarter just went beyond the 21 thousand mark. How does this make you feel as the father & author of the whole enduring legacy of the Warden phenemona?
JMW: I'm over the world with happiness. I'm told by Steve that it has broken all records for the first day. It's so wonderful. 

9. Where do you see the Warden in terms of Star Seige in a year from now? 
JMW: I'm fairly sure a club will grow out of thise product where people want to talk about the decks and their adventures. 

10. How has it been having such an enduring relationship with Trolllords who have published such quality products of your such as the Storyteller's DictionaryCastles & Crusades Of Gods & MonstersTainted Lands & the Storyteller's Thesaurus
JMW: Those people and I think a lot alike and love our fans. I will happily do anything for them. 

Thanks for the questions. 

James M. Ward

We're gonna have more questions coming up for Mr. Ward & Chris Clark coming up over the next week or so as we watch the progress of 
 The Starship Warden Kickstarter Here

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