Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Rawborgs For Your Old School Super Science or Planar Campaigns

Alignment : Chaotic/Lawful 'Programming  dependent'
# Appearing 1-3 
AC: 7 (18)
Attacks : Weapons or 1d6 claw 
HD:6 (4d10+4 or 26 hit points)
Move:20 foot
Intelligence: Low to Genius
Special Purpose Driven
Powers: See Below 
Saves: F1 (P or M)
% In Lair : 29% 
Type: Construct 
Treasure : Nil/B (see below)

Russian invented cyborgs made of slain soldiers, cybernetics, mutagenic flesh, and micro-robotic laced body cells designed to combat post-nuclear fallout effects during the Cold War of prior U.S.S.R. Operated as enforcers to select areas. Dominant combat weapons against SHIELD and Wisdom lead X-Force. 

The Warborgs are a specialized weapons enclave created by Russian scientist Dr. Constantin Rancal, a geneticist and roboticist to the prior Soviet Union and a stalwart Russian nationalist. The Warborgs are oftenly regarded as Rawborgs in variant forms of close combat or espionage related assassination. Composed from micro-robotic cell forms derrived from devices taken by the defective U.S. spy cell CUCKOO and its director Dr. Niles Roman, the Soviets first attempted to weaponize the machine-flesh discovery with Meatspore Stormtroopers which proved to be a failure for lack of enabled control over the bio-weapon that had been later destroyed after its release from a Russian Science City by the Pete Wisdom lead X-Force. 

Powers : 
Each Warborg has Hill Giant Strength 
All Energy Weapons do Half Damage Due To photo voltic bio coatings 
All Warborgs have an energy cannon that does 1d8  on low setting or 2d8  points of damage on high & has a 40" range. It may be fired 6 times each day 
Each warborg also has spines & anyone hit by them must make a save vs poison or submit to a very painful neotoxin poison that coats them. This must be done whenever someone enters melee with the borg. 
 The warborgs also have a limited form of mechanical telepathy that works within 10 miles of one another even if over 80 % of the monster is destroyed. 
A variation of the borg exists called a rawborg that may appear to be a normal human being until a mugentic change is activated then the creature will shred its human seaming. These borgs remain undetectable 80% of the time unless a 'detect science' spell  is cast on them. 
All immunities as per Constructs & Robotic Life Forms 

Warborgs On Carcosa 

There are some 80 or so borgs on Carcosa & else where within the oververse due to Cold War Soviet experiments in both teleportation & dimensional travel. These monsters have been seen in the employ of any number of wizards & mad psychopathic madmen. The borgs seem to have their own strange  agenda. They often  act as muscle or mercenaries for a number of weird horrific Cybernetic forces in the planes.  They may be encountered anywhere in the planes.  
 The data gathering units of the rawborgs are quite valuable to a robomancer who are willing to pay quite a bit for them. Some of the materials of the borgs can be used in the manufacture of other robotic life forms. 1d10 random cybernetic or robotic systems maybe recovered from the corpse of a Rawborg. These life forms are worth about 6000 gold pieces to the right black wizard or cybermancer. 

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