Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Sacking of S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks & The Military Campaign Beyond It!

"A genius mad man with access with the technology of the stars. The keys & gates have been broken  all of time & space is open to his madness. Can our heroes stop the horrors  before he moves on to other worlds to pillage & plunder?! "

I've been running around like a mad man but let's get back right now to Saint Stephen of The Rock S3  Expedition to the Barrier Peaks By Gary Gygax. Let's assume then the events of Thursday, March 29, 2018 had already have happened & St. Stephen has had his day with the 'Warden' science vessel. Saint Steven  has opened a planar gate into the corridors of Earth's history now. The Froggies with the help of their god  Tsathoggua are looking to conquer & spread the faith of the Froggies cult. 

So the events of human history march on but with the vision & reach of the mad wizard of the family d'Amberville  there will be very interested parties in the sacking of the Warden scienceWe know for a fact that  the Averoigne region survives due to the efforts of the Amber royal family. But we also know that a wide variety of black wizards of  CAS's Maal Dweb status might have also had a hand.

So with this type of interdimenional warp gate technologies available to St.Stephen Gamma Terra seems ripe for conquest by his Chaos based forces 
So why would St.Stephen the Rock be interested in Gamma Terra? The expansion of his own Chaos based cult of the Toad god right in the heart of another plane is perfect. 

The problem is that Gamma Terra already has a faction of nastiness that's been ruling from the shadows for years now. He's been devoting years to gaining his cybernetic life forms a foot hold on the world of the 25th century. The Egg of Coot has been quietly sending in its forces into North America & Europe for years from Greyhawk. 

Unfortunately for the Egg of Coot there are many god level A.I.'s that have started mini brush fire wars with the entity. The Reaper A.I. from the Warden Science vessel has not responded well to its former master & been using its own troops to harry locals into attacking the Egg's cybernetic life forms.
Heroes from across time & space are at a great deal of risk dealing with these forces. They can quite literally appear anyplace to cause undue horror.  But there are other agendas at play even though the player's or their PC's might not even realize it.

The fact is that these are not the only factions that have been using the prime material planes as a chess board. There are other horrors that are slithering through & around the pillars of history & space. We'll cover those coming up!

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