Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Kree Sentry For The High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure Campaign & Old School Campaigns

The alien Kree empire created billions of Sentry cybernetic life forms to guard all of their important caches of weapons, artifacts, & even spacecraft. These robotic sentries are capable of taking on many threats to their charges & should be used sparingly by dungeon masters. Kree Sentries are found through the remains of the Kree Empire & their former interstellar colonial protectorates. The sentry series are incredibly durable, resilient, & can survive for thousands of years on the barest of their self regenerating energy systems.

The Kree Supreme Intelligence may at anytime hear or see through the eyes of any Sentry unit within the ancient Kree Empire. It can act as the eyes & ears of its master across the vast interstellar gulfs.
All Sentries know how to use any & all Kree artifacts but may not be inclined to share this information with adventurers or enemies of the Kree Empire. 
Alignment : Lawful 'Programming  dependent'
# Appearing 1-3 
AC: 5
% In Lair : 80%
Treasure : M or better
Powers & Abilities 

Darkvision out to 60 feet.
Immunity to all mind-affecting effects abilities & magic
Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, & necromantic effects
All abilities as per Constructs 
Strength As A Hill Giant but can increase strength up to Stone Giant strength
Regeneration as a Troll due to Nanite repair systems 
Omni Blast Beam Attack 1d8 to 2d8 damage( for Mutant Future or Gamma World systems with a 30 foot radius up to six times a day 
There is a 60% should the Supreme Intelligence deem it that it will gate in another sentry unit should the first deem that its charge or treasure cache is in danger.Sentries will also be dispatched to any number of distant worlds where the colonial interests of the Kree empire are in danger. Most sentry units will sell for about 600 gold pieces on the intergalatic or planar black market. Once a sentry unity is defeated there is a three day window for the circuits & parts of the unit to be scavenged. After this certain key & critical systems will begin to disintegrate rendering a unit's value on the black market to only 200 gold pieces.

Kree Sentry Units on Carcosa are there for a two fold purpose one to monitor the activities of the influence of the star gods & Great Old Ones. Two the Sentries are found among the ruins & space wrecks of the Kree Empire craft that have crashed onto Carcosa.  There are two Kree 'ultra Sentries' who attend the temples of two unknown gods of Law on Carcosa. These Kree Sentries have access to many advanced & dangerous weapon systems but these 'ultra Sentries' true alien purposes are unknown. 

These ultra sentries will have 1d6 additional advanced nanite weapons systems for dealing with truly dangerous threats in the alien minds of the Kree empire. 

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