Monday, February 4, 2019

Lycanoid Mutates A Monster For Your Old School Campaigns

Lycanoid Mutates
No Encountered :1d6
Alignment: Chaotic
Armor Class: 5
Hit dice:3
Attacks: Bite or  1(weapon)
Damage: 1d4 or weapon
Hoard Class:X

 A product of Hodgkin's Law of Parallel Planet Development are these monsters who come from a world where WW II boiled down into the worst dirty Atomic War seen out side of Earth's past. These monsters are unholy experiments combining the worst of werewolves, man, & orc strands into these hybrid abominations. These creatures will work for anyone or anything who can meet their price & their standards of service. 
These monstrous hybrids travel the space lanes raping, pillaging, & looting where they can & however they can. They use a combination of WWII style weapons combined with lightning quick raids.

They are cannibals of the highest order & will not hesitate to kill in the blink of an eye. While they can not shape change they can go into a berserk mode before combat gaining +1 to all attacks. 

After 3 rounds have passed since they received wounds  they will regenerate 3 hit points per round there after. They rule their tribes through a combination of brutal force, military style discipline & pure carnage.
 They use knives, guns, blood, & thunder as their hall marks. They will steal any space craft present to add to their arsenal.

The world where they originally came from is now so much atomic rubble but since they are a product of  Nazi super science, unholy religion, & pure madness they continue to terrorize the space lanes. Many will commit suicide rather then fall into the hands of these vermin.

These units operate in 6 man teams & are armed with archaic weapons from WWII. Most often machine guns doing 1d4 damage with a range of 60'. They may do a biting attack as well for 1d3 points of damage & with a 30% of causing a disease of a most heinous nature such as the red death or plague. They may be rebuked or turned by a cleric due to their unholy natures.

They typically have space craft capable of  making a limited number of jumps 1d4 & with a range of 1d20 light years.

All images belong to their respective copy right holders & this is a fan creation. An American Werewolf In London is copyrighted trademarked  to Universal Pictures. This has been done under the fair trade & use act.  All images found through google image search. 

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