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1d15 Random Ascended Transcomic Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

"Aeons of aeons ago, in an epoch whose marvellous worlds have crumbled, and whose mighty suns are less than shadow, I dwelt in a star whose course, decadent from the high, irremeable heavens of the past, was even then verging upon the abyss in which, said astronomers, its immemorial cycle should find a dark and disastrous close.
Ah, strange was that gulf-forgotten star-how stranger than any dream of dreamers in the present, or than any vision that hath risen upon visionaries in their retrospection of the universal Past: There, thru inestimable cycles of a history whose records were beyond the computation of savants, the dead had come to infinitely outnumber the living: And, reared of a stone not destructible save in the enormous furnace of suns, their cities rose beside those of the living like Titan metropoli whose mighty precincts have begun to overgloom the vicinal villages. And over all was the black, funereal vault of the cryptic heavens - a dome of infinite shadows wherein the dismal sun, suspended like a sole, enormous lamp, failed to illumine, and, drawing back its fires from the face of the irresolvable ether, threw a baffled and despairing beam on the vague, remote horizons, and shrouded vistas interminate of the visionary land.
We were a sombre, melancholy people, who dwelt beneath the palls twilight and silence thrown about the towering tombs and monuments of the Past. In our veins was the chill of the ancient night of Time, with a premonition of the lentor of Lethe: over us, like invisible vampires, brooded the innumerous hours on their sable and unremoving pinions: the very skies were fraught with oppression, and we breathed beneath them as in a sepulcher, forever sealed with all its stagnancies of corruption and of darkness."

Alien beings far older then your memories wander the space lanes & frequent the taverns,inns, & bars of the universe. They come with strange wares, weird equipment, & horrific agendas. These are the ultimate foreigners & visitors to our reality. These are strange, dangerous beings who are corrupt in every sense of the word want nothing more then to murder your PC's or worse. 
These are the 'ascended ones', beings high up on the ladder of transcosmic existence who could be considered demons or worse in the grand scheme of the dimensional & planar underworld.

Victims of these Ascended entities often end up in astral or Outer Darkness hell dimensions to be used as wares or as parts of forbidden demonic technologies. Some of these are bought by the families of victims so to get a glimpse of their former loved ones.

1d15 Random Ascended Transcomic Encounters Table 
  1. Gras' Ta Mercurian dealer in spines, nerves, & the biological intelligence of species. He considers himself a connoisseur of other intelligent beings but many consider him a psychopath of the highest order. He gives the suffering & murder to his ancient alien god thing. Beings are stripped of existence, rendered down as parts, and shipped off to other universes. He is a being of low qualities and heinous desires. 
  2. RAbri The Butcher of Tal - This being is of Deep One & Martian blood stock, he or rather it takes down kings, Jeddacks, and others for his amusement & gives their royal souls to a loathsome aspect of Shubbnitheruth of a thousand spawn. He uses scapels, mystic pins, & hooks. 
  3. Hrus Rel - She who haunts the darkness is the alien ghost of a Saturian princess whose been dead for three thousand years. This being has been in bondage to the Cannibal god for souls since she died! She has been haunting the space lanes for centuries serving the whims of a mad god thing for centuries. She is dangerous, horrid, and very dangerous. 
  4. Ravious Threll - This mad scientist has been extracting the souls and essence of evil for a million years. He is partially a demon now and operates out of a converted medical carrier using his semi demonic servants. He is a monster of the highest order whose consciousness rests in his agents across countless dimensions. This being murders and uses the corpses of his victims to do his bidding while he sells his victims souls in alien hell markets across the dimensions. 
  5. Vr's D - This alien A.I. is the murderer of two million souls & moves his cybernetic consciousness across the planes through illegal cybernetics. Once one of his units is installed this thing takes its victims over and the rampages begin. He is a seller of souls and essences taking his victims to Hellscapes for a price that is paid by demons. 
  6. Btrsu Thru - A Neptunian torturer and pimp of humanoid androids, this being takes on the warped fantasies of his victims and changes it into a virtual reality Hell. The consciousness is then reprogrammed and pimped out to his clients of the lowest demonic standing. 
  7. Jyrus The Many Faced - This being serves a semi demonic god thing who has given his agent dominion and power over the flesh of others. Passing himself off as an alien healer and priest, this being molds the flesh and blood of his victims whist copying the consciousness and soul. These are sold off to alien demonic traders and the body is turned into an agent of an alien underworld power. 
  8. Yuurs The Trader - A trader of existence & immortality who locks his victims into their ultimate forms to be sold on the other dimensional demonic slave blocks. It does not even know its own true form anymore and there are rumors of hundreds of these beings out in the planes. 
  9. TrBr Glub - A blob of demonic essence that travels about in an armored form granting its clients 'playthings' of partial cybernetics & demonic flesh. Its creations are not aware of what they truly are, they are the ultimate victim capable of any abuse and healing from such instantly. Consciousnesses & souls are stolen and only the most evil will do! 
  10. Predous The Black Sorcerer of Saturn - This being is a living demonic blackness and sells bits of itself to its victims. These bits of demonic shadow grant a solitary wish and then twists these wishes into mini Hells. The black sorcerer feeds on this & passes the souls of its victims onto its unknown & corrupt masters. 
  11. The Nameless Apostle - This being has wandered the space lanes for uncounted centuries granting forbidden knowledge & magick here, there, and everyplace. It appears as black figure dressed in the robes of a monk & makes promises of the most esoteric nature. These always end in consumption of its victim's soul. 
  12. Gteu Yu - The triple fiend from Pluto is a being of extremes offering wares from forbidden areas of the galaxy. This being's high technological super science artifacts are lens for magicks of the most forbidden types. It will teach seven levels of black magick in exchange for its years of its victim's life and memories. These are sold on the demonic black markets. 
  13. Thr us Rr u The Thirteenth Hour Wanderer - A strange being of Martian origin who wandered into an other dimensional Hell. This being returned instead. Almost a parody of a Martian, this being is not right in any sense of the word and never appears the same way twice. It sells strange stories and tales to its victims in exchange for a single day of their lives. But it instead takes them 1d20 days later to relive the worst days of their lives. These cycles of time are sold to demonic sultans to extend the lives of their warped technologies. 
  14. Rytui The Vital Fluids Dealer - This being renders down its victims for their life giving vital fluids and their souls. A Mecurian space pirate as well, it takes victims valuables and sacrifices them to its dark demonic masters 
  15. The Treader of Horrid Existence - This alien of Saturnian order comes from three billion years ago and takes on the worst aspects of its victims. These traits are imitated & given to strange androids who become parodies of their victims. These act as agents for the Treader for alien and unknown agendas often of the worst kind. This being is partially demonic & wholly without mercy.

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