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1d6 Random Cosmic Giants From The Deep Astral Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

When he drew nearer, bounding from slope to slope, his features were manifestly those of some great devil animated with ire and malice towards the sons of Adam. His hair, in matted locks, streamed behind him like a mass of black pythons; his naked skin was livid and pale and cadaverous, with the skin of the dead; but beneath it, the stupendous thews of a Titan swelled and rippled. The eyes, wide and glaring flamed like lidless cauldrons heated by the fires of the unplumbed Pit.
Clark Asthon Smith  By The Colossus of Ylourgne

Within the Deep Astral there are ancient giants, demons, gods, & monsters that have been prisoners for untold eons. These beings have been the subject of uncounted alien scavengers, parasites, & others who seek to exploit the tremendous opportunity for potion creation,organ harvesting, and exploitative alchemical operations.

These beings dimensional locations are very dangerous drifting between the Outer Darkness & the Deep Astral making such operations hazardous undertakings at best and sheer suicide at worst. Only certain half demon and Hyperborean races can survive even a momentary brush with the forces of the Outer Darkness not to mention the hazards that beings such as dimensional shamblers & the 'hounds of the darkness' present.

These demonic horrors given parodies of humanoid form challenged the gods themselves in rebellion. With the add of the Outer Gods & at a terrible price these beings have been consigned to the depths of the deepest parts of the Astral plane.

Here are six possible adventure locations to challenge & bedevil even the most adventuresome fools to challenge the realms of the Deep Astral. Should these beings be loose upon reality the devastation & cosmic horror would be tremendous. Only the highly advanced super science tools of alien gods can be used to mine, harvest, take away the biological & bio engineered treasures of these beings. No harm comes to them for the eternal torment is but a passing flicker in their consciousness. Damage up to 1d100 points is instantly healed and the chains of adamantine & Rel metal are indestructible.

1d6 Random Cosmic Giants From The Deep Astral Encounter Table 

  1. Hotta- The product of the mating of a spawn of the Outer Gods & flicking consciousness of a major devil king. This being is a horror beyond words but is now the source of potions that can heal any damage worth 60,000 gold pieces per drought. His curses can split mountains & his beam attacks will level a dragon for 1d20 points of non healable damage but he is chained. His eyes caged for all eternity and he sees nothing. He is 40 miles across chained to a rock from the blackest Abyss.
  2. Ihotholatll - The spawn of a titan & a demonic queen from Saturn, this being is trapped within a giant crystal spiral. Her gas form issues through tiny cracks and is captured to make polymorph potions and youth droughts worth 6000 gold pieces each. It is said that this being whispers 1d4 black magick spells to her followers among those that harvest her bounty. She would kill anyone she can if set free to spread her insanity.
  3. Kephogla The Destroyer is the son of a mad titan & Shub Naggath. He is trapped inside a web of chains seventy miles across and laced with crystals that sap his strength. This being's hair, & slime are used in many super science devices. They are naught indestructible and worth 6000 gold pieces to any alchemist or black wizard. He is a terrible wizard of darkest aspect and has slain two dozen gods before being put here.
  4. Nyanogota 'The slime mother of the undead' - This horrid perpetual decaying giant humanoid is the spawn of the mother of nightmares & the ghoul father. She has given birth to twelve demi gods of undead when she mated with Orcus. This thing was trapped upon destroying two worlds and almost devouring a goddess of love. She can give birth to 1d100 undead things at a time but her bile can be used to create healing potions capable of healing lands from dire curses, these potions are worth 50,000 gold pieces a drought. Swords made from her bones are +1 swords of sharpness and are made by demonic blind monk sword smiths who live upon her . These swords are only given to special & worthy heroes. 
  5. O'hathleph -'The Messenger of Madness' - this being is the mingling of two gods of insanity and has been locked away for so long none living know its dire and forbidden powers. His saliva can be used to restore the sanity of demonic possessed beings and is worth 6000 gold pieces per drought. Special priests gather the spit of this being they have no eyes nor ears being immune to its powers. They crawl insect like across its body and gather its bounty.
  6. Rubothor - The Ancient Thing - This being is twenty to arms, legs, and appendages. Its breath mutates any beings it comes in contact with twisting them this way and that along its genetic congress. This being loves to consume these twisted and horrid victims continuing its fueling and feeding with the primal chaos!
    But its chained to the bed rock of a former temple of Order and its drool is harvested for anti mugentic potions and droughts worth 60000 gold pieces by gene locked alchemists.

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