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1d20 Random Living Ships Table For The Old School Solar System And Your Home Campaigns

Out among the asteroids of the Old Solar system are ancient living relics not seen in a million years. Here are some living ships to bedevil and confound your players.

" Man's conquest of the interplanetary gulfs has been fraught with many tragedies. Vessel after vessel, like venturous motes, disappeared in the infinite — and had not returned. Inevitably, for the most part, the lost explorers have left no record of their fate. Their ships have flared as unknown meteors through the atmosphere of the further planets, to fall like shapeless metal cinders on a never-visited terrain; or have become the dead, frozen satellites of other worlds or moons. A few, perhaps, among the unreturning fliers, have succeeded in landing somewhere, and their crews have perished immediately, or survived for a little while amid the inconceivably hostile environment of a cosmos not designed for men."
Clark Ashton Smith
The Master of the Asteroid
The Old Solar System asteroid field is full of many ancient treasures & relics beyond human understanding or reckoning. There are ancient living ships that still ply the spaceways without crew or understanding of their original purpose. These ancient craft were part of the Atlantian star craft whose brains & A.I. networks were grown around the AnzĂ» models created millions of years ago by the Elder Things. These craft are incredibly complex & valuable beings who fetch hundreds of  thousands of gold pieces on the open market.

There are of course the half dead craft of the Mi Go run by the brain cylinders of their loyal agents & followers. Immortal, half insane from the cosmic horrors that these beings have experienced. The Mi Go ships are dreaded things and seen as ill omens by many spacers & those of Old Earth. But these are of course only a small sample of the millions craft that use the Asteroids as cover for their nefarious activities.

There are hints of such things in
"No Man's Land in Space" from the July 1941 Amazing Stories by Leigh Brackett. It's got an asteroid full of space pirates, a rogue industrialist, and a crazed scientist set against the start of a war between Earth and Venus.

You can grab this one right over here!
1d20 Random Encounters With 'Living Space Craft
In The Old Solar System
  1. A living space craft created when the world was young, its been monitoring Earth for millions of years. There are numerous ancient curses scrawled around the hull of the craft almost as if their trying to keep someone or something inside the craft. 
  2. Mi Go living ship with 1d100 brain cylinders on board along with bio drive systems. There are ancient guardian drive systems that are watching the Earth for time. 
  3. The still living skeleton frame of this ancient craft holds 1d6 violet fungas on each level and its growing around the valuable 1dx3000 gold pieces worth of stuff here. 
  4. An unliving space vessel is crewed by 1d3 massive alien golems made by the skeletal remains of past adventures. 
  5. There are 1d4 ancients aboard this living vessel who remember a time before all the life had appeared in this universe. This vessel also contains certain very hungry and dangerous life forms.
  6. The telepathic messages of some ancient king does not give away the fact that the the levels are unbalanced within the bio matrix and some needs to take out the giant microbes that are now living here. 
  7. This Mi Go craft contains over thirty seven mentally deranged individuals who are actually valuable scientists. On the open market these things are worth five thousand gold pieces each 
  8. This living ship holds a black hole generator and the possibility of never getting out alive. There are three hundred living minds aboard. 
  9. This living craft is actually a polymorphed demon, the weird flesh of this craft teams with deadly malice on any adventurers trying to handle it. 
  10. A very dangerous living craft contains the insane essence of a space god and his crew. They are waiting for some fool to let them loose. 
  11. A seven mile craft contains the last remains of an Atlantian colony ship. There is an ancient monster aboard that guards all of this. 
  12. This living ship is actually a space god who awaits a new cult. Perhaps you can become this new cult of fools. This craft will devour the soul of anyone it comes in contact with. 
  13. This treasure ship is actually a rogue A.I. created from the thought patterns of Alister Crowley or how aliens imagine him to be.
  14. This living craft has been created from the cybernetic genius & mind of an insane scientist who merged with a star spawn of Cthulhu. 
  15. A living ship made from one massive still living master brain  that has thousands of gold coins on its surface. These act as armor and camouflage in the asteroids. 
  16. This massive alien street is now an incredble living shopping mall with thousands of shops & a weird agenda.
  17. This living ship is made from the skull and head from ancient cosmically powerful alien. The thing was used as a repository for forbidden artifacts and ancient cosmic treasures. 
  18.  A city sized ship that has seventy or so alien buildings on the back & shoulders of a massive giant gargoyle. The thing serves as the focal point for a cosmic infernal cult of diabolical wizards. 
  19. A living planetoid with a strange and disturbing agenda for any adventurers it runs across. There are hundreds of souls stored in crystals with this being. 
  20. A dangerous alien scientist has created a weird living ship from the cloned cells of his body and flown them throughout the asteroid field on a mission of evil according to the cleric in this bar. 

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