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OSR Adventure Location - The Deep Astral Worldlet of Vr''run For Your Old School Campaigns

From out the ocean's phosphor-starry dome,
A ghostly light is dubitably shed
On altars of a goddess garlanded
With blossoms of some weird and hueless vine;
And, wing├ęd, fleet, through skies beneath the foam,
Like silent birds the sea-things dart and shine.

Atlantis By Clark Ashton Smith

 Deep within the deep within the Deep Astral  &  lit by the flaring burning head of an ancient god is the worldlet of  Vr''run.  A forested paradise that was once a part of the ancient empire of Atlantis. Once the play thing & hunting world of the the royal families & minor nobles of the empire it sank into the astral as the destruction was wrought on the lost empire. The powerful magicks of the land insured its doom as not even a single ether ship escaped the destruction. All were sucked into the swirling astral vortexes & planar warps that surrounded the world. Where once mammoth,dinosaur, and even weirder alien life forms were hunted for pleasure the survivors were then hunted themselves in poetic & ironic fashion over the course of countless centuries. A new world built itself on the ruins of the old! Only a few scattered city states still held the secrets of lost technologies & had the facilities to keep up their ways.

The wilderness spread & warped as its way is with the evolution fires of primal chaos even as the cult of the elk goddess spread among the survivors. Druids,rangers,hunters, and a thousand professions of tradition  took hold even as the wild overran the world & ran riot as the magick of the disaster multiplied by a thousand fold. Mutants & worse stalked human kind day & night, so that only the strongest survived! The elk goddess's cult is still strong. Even as others such as the cult of Tsathoggua flourishes among some of foolish black shamans & sorcerers of this worldlet. A witch queen named Narou'r has arisen to power with her army of  the Astral Raiders. 
It is is known that she comes from some of the lower lander tribes & there are rumors that she sacrificed her entire trip in a demonic pact. 

The devotees of Tsathoggua are as alien to mankind as Tsathoggua itself even as its worshipers have spread across the face of Vr''run. The formless spawn spread below the surface riddling it with a corruption not seen since the destruction of the old world. It is said that Tsathoggua followers have brought Abhoth ("The Source of Uncleanliness") to the young world. A thousand new monsters have been spawned from the unholy source & it is only now that the extent of the threat is being realized.

There are literally hundreds of ancient vaults, crypts, & weird ruins that dot the worldlet of  Vr''run. These are the secret meeting places of the cult of  Atlach-Nacha who use some of the relic technologies to carry out campaigns of terror and chaos among some of the upper tier tribes of the tree men. An ancient religion of druids who are a part of the backbone of
Vr''run and the keepers of the sacred knowledge.

Many planar primitive tribes & some post apocalyptic tribal societies know of the worldlet of Vr''run. They have their tribal shamans & wizards send young warriors, adventurers, etc. on rites of passage to this world and to the temples of the tree men. The rangers & hunters of Vr'run carry a number of relic weapons of the empire of Atlantis. This includes the laser hand bows of Vr'run which have a range of 100 feet, do 1d6+2 points of damage per shot and have energy cells that hold 1d10 charges. There is also the rarer freeze arrows which are found in quarrels of 1d20 +6 arrows. Each time one of these strange metal alloy arrows hits a target there is a 70% chance of it freezing its target solid.

1d20 Random Woodland Encounters On The Forest World of Vr''Run 
  1.  A giant hell dog which is a scout for a pack of 1d8 wild dogs of a deadly temperament
  2. 1d15 tree bullywug hunters on a hunting mission for humans for sport and food.
  3. Giant bombardier beetle whose hungry 
  4. 1d6 cannibal cavemen worshipers of  Tsathoggua hunting for their next sacrificial meal 
  5. 1d4 giant hornets 
  6. Carbuncle out to spread a bit of chaos for its Lovecraftian dark masters! 
  7. 1d6 Flaysnails mating & hunting for anything or anyone they can get a hold of. 
  8. 1d10 gnolls led by a flind of exceptional skill working for a local cult. 
  9. Eye Killer sleeping in one of the  nearby giant trees! 
  10. Ettercap hunting from tree to tree looking for human prey 
  11. 1d8 death dogs in a pack hunting down a lone human whose stolen something from the pack! 
  12. A death knight on a mission for one of the dangerous astral Lovecraftian demon lords 
  13. caterwaul on the trail of a gem merchant whose has some very valuable astral diamonds and Martian jewels. 
  14. Coffer corpse of a lone adventurer/tribesmen on the hunt for his former tribesmen who betrayed him and left him to die in the wild 
  15. cafal alien life form that has been formed out of several colonies of wood beetles that seeks a druid to help its colony. 
  16. Woodland Clubnek on the hunt for human prey. She's very dangerous and aggressive. 
  17. Garbug looking to lay eggs in any humans it runs across
  18. Frostman whose a part of a renegade tribe of northern forest dwellers on the hunt for a wizard who stole a valuable magical gem from them. 
  19. An Osquip pack dead trap built into the uneven ground near a giant tree. There will be 1d20 of these deadly things on the attack
  20. A pack of 1d8 needlemen who are actually guarding a nearby druid's & tree men's scared living grove temple complex

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