Friday, January 31, 2014

Rumble In The Graveyard Of Robots Part II - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Adventure Actual Play For The Stars Without Numbers Rpg System Part III

Part I Right

The PC's have been investigating and raiding a whole city of ancient wonders and technology that lays in ruins at their feet in the Martian Underworld. There are long twisting and turning tunnels all around them. They've been intrigued and some what spooked by some of relics that they've come across. Half burnt up robot soldiers with high traces of radiation, half melted Martian ant grav cars, A.I. modules with the cores ripped out and multiple robotic skeleton war bots all with their power cores fried as if by a weird magnetic pulse.

In last night's game they've been investigating at least three separate tunnels with some of their light weight mecha. The Martian tribe of scavengers has been hanging around them. Partially to protect them, and partially to make sure that they don't miss any really rare or expensive rusty gold relic technology.
Everything was going well with the party picking up some pretty good stuff from the random list of items below.
1d10 Random Martian Relics Table 
  1. Half melted Barsoomian Eight Ray Grav Car. The rotor system is fried, the controls are mostly mechanical, the system is all their but she needs a ton of work. Considered to be a classic though. Slight traces of radiation. 
  2. A jeweled skull of a Green Martian, the thing pulses in time to your heartbeat with weird energies and seems to have an air of sorcery and menace. 
  3. A complete robotic skeleton bot with most of its facilities in tact except the A.I. brain. Much of the material is corroded with high concentrations of carbon scoring and a slight radioactive glow to the thing. 
  4. A strange power source sphere, the thing glows, hovers, and spins like a magnetic. Its super dense and heavy weighing two hundred pounds but floats if set in air simply spinning in place. There is a slight static charge to the thing. 
  5. A small back pack nuclear device, deactivated with an on board A.I., these things have a wicked and evil intelligence to them and often set themselves off simply out of spite. They were created by the 'Company' over two hundred years ago and appear from time to time. 
  6. A long solid gold rod covered in high Martian runes, the thing acts as a rod of command to certain Martian life forms and tribes of humanoids. The runes for which ones have been struck off of the thing. 
  7. A demonic statue of a winged horror, the base of the three foot statue is covered in computer plug in ports. There is a large brown copper coloured stain covering much of this thing. There is an air of evil about it as well. A strange glow surrounds the thing about 20% of the time. It will cancel psychic powers used in its presence as well. 
  8. The skeleton of a Martian prince is found with all of his gold, jewels, bracelets, and weapons. The skeleton is radioactive and may animate depending upon time of night. Fights as a third level fighter and the remains have an agenda and unfinished business. 
  9. A statue of the Martian god Tur complete with prayers writ all over the base. The thing is pure Martian gold and silver with eyes of onyx and silver. The thing will act as a psychic focus and may show glimpses of the memories of previous owners. 
  10. A Martian short sword +2 that glows in the presence of the forces of the Great Old Ones. The sword has hieroglyphs dedicated to the Lords of Light on one side and the Lords of Order on the other. 
Everything was going fine until the PC's stumbled on to an active nuclear device used for mining and tunnel clearing. The thing was active and very unstable. They are now trying to disarm the thing.
That's when 30 robotic entities around them awakened!  

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