Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rumble At The Graveyard of Robots - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Stars Without Number Actual Play Adventure

The party narrowly escaped being eaten by a shoggoth the size of a small bus and a bunch of mutant cannibal red men. The party detonated small atomics to escape the ancient Lovecraftian horrors.
The salvagers they were with made a brand new tunnel into the Mar rock with atomic drilling machines to escape the horrors of ancient Mars past.
The party was led deeper into a very alien set of ruins that sat square below the teeming serpent's lair. This ancient hate filled tomb of old was the sight of many ancient battles where an entire alien city had been laid waste by entropic weaponry. The whole place was a mass of buildings that looked grown rather then build.
There were layer after layer of ancient bio mechanical buildings built by the fabled Mountain Kings of old Mars. These ancient aliens used both cybernetic horrors and slaves of red men to do their bidding.
They were hundreds of years extinct but their creations were still there silently guarding the hoard of ancient relics and technology.
The PC's accidentally activated a war bot and had to fight the thing till complete deactivation.Around them were the hulks and shells of a billion robots and robotoids surrounded by fields of skeletons of red men.
They are still exploring this tomb of cybernetic horror.
Some of the nasty encounters still waiting for them are as follows.
Random Weird Encounters In The Graveyard of Robots
  1. 1d6 ancient robots all sharing a group mind that don't act or attack they simply watch and scan any movement around them. They are actually locked in a cycle of dreaming pasotronic nightmares and they think that anyone they encounter are merely delusions of such dreams. 
  2. A group of 1d8 random robots all with different parts and pieces all looking for more such parts every 1d4 turns they will silently exchange parts with each other while engaged in weird conversations. They may 30% chance begin taking any parts or pieces from any vehicles present or try to grab the PC's biological parts. They speak in weird high pitched squeaky voices. 
  3. A lone android without a head seeks a head to use and will try to bargain with anyone for their head to use. 
  4. A long dead trap activates and silently a hoard of 1d4 robotic skeletons rise silently and grab weapons. They will fight as first level fighters and attack anyone present or each other. After 1d6 days they fall to pieces once again. 
  5. A mad alien A.I. awakens screaming and begins singing and broadcasting about being hell and will spout off a wailing broadcast of strange mathematics. Then go suddenly silent. 
  6. A gaggle of 1d10 robotic monks in robes will appear and begin to intone the rites of cybernetic death. They have come here to die and be with their ancestors. They have a wide range of knowledge of many hidden caches of ancient wisdom and artifacts but will want to die none the less. 
  7. An ancient war machine actives and attacks the nearest target as if engaged in horrific battle! It will not stop until you are destroyed. 
  8. An ancient android follows the PC's and engages them in conversation. The thing is actually an ancient alien assassin of 4th level and will lovingly slay anyone present with hidden energy weapons from all over its person. 
  9. An ancient war bot awakens and begins to follow the PC's and plots their downfall. The thing will activate hidden lairs of weaponry and such to follow them across the face of Mars. It will be programmed to kill them. 
  10. An ancient war craft build by the Mountain Kings activates and is crewed by undead cybernetic horrors from beyond the grave. The craft is powered by an ancient alien A.I. and will destroy the PC's and attack the nearest city state. 

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