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A Taste For Darkness - AD&D Star Fleet Mission On Carcosa Actual Play Adventure Part I

I've just gotten back from a very intense AD&D Carcosa/FASA Star Trek crossover game set in the same universe as my Carcosa/ FASA Klingon one shot adventure. The game lasted until five am this morning.
The AD&D Rules for Star Trek's races, equipment, etc. are available right over
By star date 3156.2  Star Fleet and the Federation were  much of the data from Mr. Spock's science reports among them were a series of speculations, equations, and break downs of the equipment methods of the entity known as Lazarus.

Much of these were controversial to say the least.
Some might even say 'Lovecraftian in the extreme. Star Fleet was looking for any advantage against the Klingons, the Romulans, Orions, and a host of other hostile races.
Orion spies had sold much of this information to the Romulans and thus began a race into the higher realms. No one was crazy enough to open the time/space corridor to Lazarus but there were other realms as well. The Romulans were using a variation of their cloaking device to open doorways were none should ever be opened! Much about the Romulans was still relatively unknown at this point and a mad race was on!

The Star Fleet 'Interphase Project' began and resulted in insanity, death, and other issues that have never been unclassified to this day. Many of the early material is still under Star Fleet Indict orders. Except for a few brave men and women who trusted their lives to an untested time drive gate system capable of breaking through universes.
These six brave souls ended up going to Carcosa in the early evening hours of seven o'clock last night. The following is still classified.

These brave souls had four mission objectives - 1. Determine the Romulan influence and military presence upon this unknown planet. 2. Protect any native cultures that are found from contamination by the Romulans. 3. Recover any unknown and dangerous technologies encountered. 4. Destroy any Romulan military presence if possible.

The party consisted of six Star Fleet Intelligence Personal including the following :
  1. Lieutenant Hamanod - Human Star Fleet Personnel - Peter's PC Fighter 
  2. Science Officer T'voh - Vulcan Science  Officer - Jackie's PC  
  3. Military Engineer Singh - Human Star Fleet Officer - Billy's PC 
  4. Michael Evens - Star Fleet Security Officer - Carl's PC 
  5. Marrah - Catian  Star Fleet Demolitions - Mary's PC 
  6. Doctor Kussh - Amoebaoid  Star Fleet Officer/Doctor - Henry's PC Cleric

    The Crossing 

    Moving from one universe to another proved pretty hair raising as the PC's raced along time corridors nearly running into a Hound of Tindalos. We were using Osric rules to compensate for the the OD&D setting. Everything worked out well actually. A few near deaths from 'Interphasic Parasites' and the PC's arrived on Carcosa.
    I had not told the players they were crossing over to the setting before hand.
    They got their first taste by running smack into a wizard astride his mount!
    A fire fight lasted close to a half an hour of real time and cost them precious ammo. The wizard finally seemed to leave or it might have been the clever zig zagging through the undergrowth.

    Combat ensued again and the party ran losing him the in thick underbrush finally.
    They were immediately attacked by life force sucking eye ball leeches but  doctor Kush was able to drive them off with a quick application of some cobalt radiation in the zeta spectrum. 
     The party set out to  hex crawl accross the face of Carcosa. They had phaser rifles, hand phasers, tri corders, some additional equipment and plenty of ammo.
     The party made its way through the jungles of Carcosa still without a clue where they are. They happened upon some unusual ruins dating back hundreds of years when they were attacked by a flying saucer with Nazi insignia upon the sides of the thing.
    A running fight with the saucer commenced. The party finally lost the craft among some other ruins. The were able to penetrate its screens and managed to finally drove it off.
     That's when they heard disruptor fire coming from a couple of kilometers ahead!

    To be continued!


  1. Hah, Starfleet tasked with protecting native Carcosan cultures. But who's going to protect Starfleet from Carcosa? Excellent, can't wait to read more.


  2. More coming up soon Ed! Live Long and Watch Out For Spawn On Carcosa!


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