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'Dead Stop' A Gothic - Post Apocalyptic OD&D Game - Actual Play

Original artwork done by bacoo pix and be sure to visit his Facebook page for more fantastic artwork
right over Here

Tonight's  one shot game was a mash up of several Fish Wife Game post apocalyptic products  and Jack Shear's Gothic Earth and Tales of The Grotesque and Dungeonsque III - The Final Chapter (all material available HERE ).
  I had nine different players tonight.
I had a real crew of cut throats, thieves, adventurers, thrill seekers, and magus all looking for trouble.
These included the infamous Zatch Brothers ( two dandy assassins, these two are not brothers but a  pair of homosexual partners who pose as brothers while robbing and killing. They have a taste for jewels, adventure, and the finer things in life. They are played by the husband and wife team of Paul and Nancy. The Zatch brothers were taken directly out of Jack's Gothic Earth dandy class and have appeared in several other games I've run).  The Zatch brothers are murderous SOB's with hearts of gold, really.  
Sir Halrux Lector - A down on his luck royal and spiritualist with  a knight ancestor as his ghostly familiar. Armed with two pistols Halrux is out to recoup the family fortune. Played by Peter Sir Lector was jailed for quite some time after a near fatal run in with the authorities over a matter of honor. The victim of this duel still haunts him. 
Doc. Ho Sing - This seemly oriental wizard from some unidentifiable far East country is actually, Paul Riley. An actor who stumbled into a treasure trove of occult books and knowledge one night by mistake. Paul became a warlock after almost becoming the vessel for an ancient guardian demon. He adopted the Doc Ho Sing persona for both stage and professional reasons. Paul has effected this persona for so many years there are those who are beginning to believe he is becoming the good doctor. 
Major Lothar - Adventurer, big game hunter, explorer, and man of action, Lothar is a very driven paladin traveling in disguise as he deals with the forces of darkness. Lothar however has some dark secrets of his own. Lothar is played by Brian. 
Chief Red Smoke - Scout and Ranger extraordinaire, Red Smoke is traveling with this party of cut throats as a performer and second story man while pursuing the lycanthrope mercenary who murdered his family. He knows the bastard has served several masters across the planes but always seems one step ahead of Red Smoke.  Played by Tom. 
Little Kelly Tomlin - Little Kelly Tomlin is as cute as a button and the second you turn your back on her she might stick you with a hat pin, knife, or other sharp implement. Kelly is actually a little person of age twenty two. She's a thief, con artist, pick pocket, second story woman, who happens to be an adventuress in her own right. She passes herself off as a little girl, sally wag pick pocket, wizened old man, or other disarming disguise as needed. She's hooked up with the crew after the horrid murder of her estranged brother.
 Dr.James Kimbal - The good doctor is a servant of the 'Lady in White' and a surgeon of the highest order who happens to have a gambling problem. A very, very, bad gambling problem that causes him to throw in with this lot many, many, times. He has served with this group to many times. May the Lady in White have mercy on his soul. The good doctor hates undead almost as much as he like cards. Played by Mary. 
Jacvk The Slayer - The Fey blooded hood from the dark reaches of the Dolemite mountains in Italy. This Italian seducer of both men and women is making his way across the world and those who cross him cross his silver stilettos and pistols better beware. He has a taste for jewels and danger. He also has crossed steel with several vampires in his time. Fighter/thief played by Ryan. 
The party is summoned to the Castle of Count Alessandro Balsamo (actually this gentleman HERE) after being released from a far East prison. The Count has a proposal for the party. Recover an item from a plane which has become a battle ground of two gods of Death or rot in back in prison. The place has become a chess board of entropy and undeath after the forces of Chaos and Law have done with it. The Cup of the Lords rests within a museum and is guarded by hoards of undead as well as a cult of mutant zombie scum.
 Orcus holds sway over one half of this modern city while Morgoth holds the other half. Their creations are everywhere.
A few rolls on Fish Wife Games Games '100 Waste Land Dungeon Crawls' and I've got the main encounters, opposition, and fodder for the urban hell landscape for tonight's game. 

 Available right

Drive thru blurb: 
100 Wasteland "Dungeon Crawl" Spots
(A Game Supplment For Post Apocalypse Settings)
Post apocalyptic gaming shares a common thread with fantasy rpg settings in the nature of having the hopes of finding treasure and powerful 

relics, plenty of dangerous encounters, and an endless assortment of hazard filled ruins to crawl through. This 100 list provides 100 possible location types for the perfect post apocalyptic “dungeon crawl”. A bonus side list provides 50 different possible primary encounters that could be used to inhabit most, if not all, of these locations.

The first 10 locations on the list:

1    Aircraft Hangar
2    Airport
3    Ammunition Factory 
4    Amusement Park 
5    Apartment Building
6    Art Gallery
7    Bank
8    Beach side Hotel
9    Bottling Plant
10  Bowling Alley

The first 10 possible encounter types on the side list:

1 to 2    1 Gene Vat Created Dinosaur and 1d8+5 Handlers
3 to 4    1 Grizzled Old Man and His 1d4+2 Lovely Daughters
5 to 6    1 Master Scientist and 1d8+6 Techies
7 to 8    1 Mutated Beast and 1d12+5 Deranged Worshippers
9 to 10    1 Pimp and 1d8+5 Loyal Hookers
11 to 12    1 Savvy Trader and 1d6+4 Scavengers
13 to 14    1 Self Declared Sheriff and 1d8+5 Deputies
15 to 16    1 Taskmaster and 1d12+5 Hired Laborers
17 to 18    1 Wasteland Politician and 1d12+10 Loyal Followers
19 to 20    1d12+10 Neo-Government Foot Soldiers
This two page list gave me everything I needed for a couple of hair raising encounters with some nastiness. I added in a few special undead from Tales of The Grotesque and Dungeonsque volume one and the PC's were conserving ammo, and really going into the urban post apocalypse landscape rather carefully.  They had just gotten to the alternative Earth when they were almost made by a group of Orcus cultists. A small fire fight erupted and the party fled into the ruins. 
To be continued! 


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  2. It's cool & ok (it's licenced under CC-BY-SA), that you use my picture (the zombie), but wouldn't it be fair, to give appropriate credit and provide my name & put and a link to i.e. my FB-page? ;)

  3. Done and dusted bacoo pix. The artwork came from wiki commons and was posted at three A.M. after a table top game. I completely forgot about it to be honest. But your featured now,along with your creation. No problems pal.


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