Monday, January 6, 2014

Fossilized Mi Go Crystalline Unit For Ancient And Accursed Terra Using The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg On The Dark Corner

Grak and his crew had penetrated deep into the Abominable Tower  high mountains as the ancient scrolls had taught his village elders. He was here to find out why twelve of his people had gone missing and to find the rare gold that the ancient legends of his spoke of. He and his fellow warriors were promised that gold but so far nothing. The metal tunnel they found themselves in could hold many of his people, the terrors he saw here would stay with him when he was an old man and the wonder were far more terrible.
" You will find nothing here but your own demise human', there were waspish buzzing voices flowing into his head. There was a series of ancient and alien thoughts that brushed his mind. Suddenly the tunnel became dark and the blackness consumed the torches. It smothered the party in a cloying smothering blackness.
 A thin pencil thin beam of ugly yellow green light cut the blackness and the warrior next to him exploded into a ball of green hell fire and agony. In the back wash of  hazy sorcerous energies he saw the thing, a strange glowing blue green brain like creature surrounded by aura of power.
 With deadly efficiency the horror dealt with the intruders to its master's domain. But it was only another item in the arsenal of the Mi- Go and it went back to its pre programmed route. There would always be more.
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