Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Classic Science Fiction Pulp Thursday- Free Download - Space Science Fiction, Volume 1, Number 5, March 1953. For Your Old School Space Opera Campaign

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Space Science Fiction, Volume 1, Number 5, March 1953. contains some solid stories that can serve as fodder for your old school space based campaigns. In particular there's a story about 'Space Madness' that really has some great artwork and images going for it. There's also the H.Beam Piper classic "The Uller Rising" arch part two. All in all a very cool solid retro future read for those of us stuck in the house cause of the snow. 

A bit of Background on Space Science Fiction

 According To Wiki: 

Space Science Fiction was a science fiction magazine published by Space Publications, Inc. of New York and The Archer Press Ltd. of London that ran for eight issues from May 1952 to September 1953. Space was edited by Lester del Rey and featured a monthly book review column by George O. Smith. Del Rey's conflicts with the publishers ensured that the magazine would have a short run, in spite of the superior quality of the stories. Illustrator Alex Ebel has contributed to this magazine over the course of his career.

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