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Free Sword and Planet Download - Vengeance on Mars From September 1951 issue of Planet Stories magazine.

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This is a great sword and planet piece from the heady days of 'Planet Stories'. We get a short and sweet little tale of nastiness that can be turned into a solid little adventure encounter. We've got a bit of exploration, some betray, and high Martian drama. The  Lhrai are an interesting group of Martians with some heavy military overtones and a good handle upon their retro future technology.  They're a solid group of Martians with access to some nasty technology.  I've given them a work out in my Post Apocalyptic Mars game a few times. They make a nice mid range group of NPC's to throw at a party. In my games they've had fortunes that have gone up and down, gaining and losing city states over the centuries.
 This story makes a great cross over adventure from a space opera campaign straight into a sword and planet based one.  

The Basic 'Vengeance On Mars ' Set Up
Science Fiction short story published in September 1951 issue of Planet Stories magazine.
Blurb: "In the dim Water Temple, where the dead grinned down on the dead, Hale met his D-day. Should he give an ex-comrade to the torturing Lhrai or chance the massacre of Terrestrial thousands?"

A short Sci-Fi story penned by 
Jerome Bixby under the pseudonym D. B. Lewis. You've probably seen 
Jerome Bixby's work and not even known it. 
According to wiki :
e is most famous for the 1953 story "It's a Good Life" which was the basis for a 1961 episode of The Twilight Zone and which was included in Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983). He also wrote four episodes for the Star Trek series: "Mirror, Mirror", "Day of the Dove", "Requiem for Methuselah", and "By Any Other Name". With Otto Klement, he co-wrote the story upon which the classic sci-fi movie Fantastic Voyage (1966), television series, and novel by Isaac Asimov were based. Bixby's final work was the screenplay for the 2007 cult sci-fi film The Man From Earth.

Sadly, we lost Mr. Bixby back in 2009 he was a science fiction powerhouse whose work seemed more behind the camera as a writer then as a best selling writer. From further research he was pretty prolific and solid in movies and television. 


  1. Wonderful cover art! Story looks to be cool too!

  2. Its an old favorite, I've used it as source material a couple of times! Great old pulp stuff!


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