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1d10 Spells Of The Polar Vortex For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaign

1d10 Spells Of The Polar Vortex
  1. Chill Down Battery Or Electrical Device - Level 2 Magic Range - 12 foot radius Duration 3 turns per level of the caster 
     Creates a zone of null electrical activity by calling upon the elemental forces of the polar vortex to leech off any electrical charge within a twelve foot radius almost instantaneous as this spell is cast and there by lowering the temperature around the caster as well by five degrees. Electrical batteries and devices instantly lose their charge should the appropriate saving throw not be made. 
  2. Call The Power of The Vortex - Level 4 spell magic Range; 30 foot radius  Duration : Three Turns
    The caster calls down the power of the polar vortex upon his target. The target is at minus 2 on all rolls and there is a 70% chance of the target taking frost bite damage for 1d4 points every turn.
    There is also a 10% chance of an evil elemental ruler of the plane of ice or the para elemental plane of snow noticing the target as well as the caster  and appearing to carry them off. They shall never be hear from again as they will be changed to become slaves in the retinue of the ruler. 
  3. Polar Blur  Level 2 magic Range zero Duration : 1d4 +4 rounds
    The caster becomes a wash with the vague icy winds and nebulous power of the vortex and becomes -3 'to hit for the duration of the spell.  Anyone attacking the PC will suffer 1 point of frost damage as the horrid chills and power of the vortex courses around them. 
  4. Black Ice Of The Vortex - Level one Range 30 feet Duration one turn
    The caster calls upon the power of the Polar Vortex and causes the ground within a thirty foot radius to instantly freeze into an icy mess. All rolls are at a minus 1 as the slick landscape around them becomes a traveling hazard. There is 3% chance of the ice holding some icy horror as well details up to the DM.
    This spell may only be cast three times per day or the elemental wintry powers may take offense and chill the PC for 1d3 points of damage.
  5. Walk The Vortex Level 4 magic, 5 clerical spell Range 0  Duration: Special
    The caster opens a doorway into the swirling icy elemental power of the polar vortex and uses to move into the elemental realm to journey almost instantly in a 30 mile radius. This is an extremely dangerous way to travel as the caster takes 1 points of frost damage upon their hands every time this spell is used. Magical healing must be used upon this damage. There is a 40% chance of some evil elemental ice being noticing the PC, this horror will stalk, track, and kill the caster if possible or challenge the fool to magical duel. 
  6. Within The Winds - Level 2 magic Range 30 feet Duration: 1d4 turns
    The caster causes icy and horridly alien winds that gibber, laugh, and taunt  to emanate from their person. These howling alien winds will drive a foe temporary insane as weird and horrid thoughts invade the target's mind for one turn. 
  7. Icy Cradle of Love - Level four Range 40 yards Duration 1d6 turns
    The caster calls upon the power of the Polar Boreas upon their target and instantly target is enveloped in weird and unholy ice, snow, and mired frost. The target is at -3 for the duration of the spell. They take 1d4 points of damage per turn upon their exposed flesh. Cars, vehicles, etc. are stuck in this morass of hoary frost and snow for the duration of the spell. 
  8. Contact Evil Elemental Being Of Ice & Frost Level 4 Range 0 Duration : special
    The caster uses the ritual conditions of the polar vortex to contact the planes of Ice and Snow under the gaze of the Boreas moon. A sacrifice of 1,000 gold pieces or gems must be made. The caster may contact Old Man Winter, Inquiga, An Aspect of the Wendigo, The Far Reacher, Cryonax. Because of the changing aspects of the polar vortex. There is only a 30% chance of contacting the requested being. All other conditions of the Contact Other Plane apply. There is a 40% chance of the caster being annihilated for daring to contact these beings. 
  9. Freeze Light Fixture Level one Range 120 foot Duration : 1d4 turns
    The caster may instantly freeze any light fixture for 1d4 turns. The light upon it becomes immobile frozen in place for the spells duration. This spell may only be used on one target at a time. The light fixture will function as normal but will be cool to the touch. 
  10. Behold The Power Of The Polar Vortex - Spell Level Six Range 0 Duration Special
    The caster calls forth the power of the Polar Vortex and the caster vomits forth the polar vortex into their area! Everything is wrecked by three foot tall snow falls, traffic grinds to a halt, everyone takes 1d4 points of damage from the frost, sleet, and freezing rain, ice elementals are called forth, and the caster's body explodes in frozen hellish fury.
    Ice Devils from the icy bowls of Hell itself come to claim the poor fool's soul and there is no possibility of resurrection! He shall spend eternity being tormented with the 'Evil One' himself! 


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