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Review And Commentary On Adapting The Free Download Footprints #05 From Dragon's Foot To The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg System

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Last night one of my players turned me on to this issue of Footprints from  the Dragon's Foot website.
This issue number #5 and its presents a wide range of articles, many of these articles seem to strike a cord with the sword and sorcery musings of Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea game.
The Lost Chalice Of Father Tomas (adventure) Change a few details and this adventure can easily be adapted into the AS&SH universe. The adventure works very well for a group of low level players. 
The Nystul and Lendore Isle Campaign (article)- This article is solid and makes a very cool little addition to a Hyperborean campaign with most of the details in tact. 
Suel Gods (article)- These gods make a perfect addition to the roast of lost or forgotten gods of the land! 
The Standard Bearer (fiction) - A nice little story with some work this might make a perfect jump off point for an AS&SH adventure. 
Vingotsky's Vile Vessel (spell)- This spell has lots of potential and in the right NPC hands might make a perfect TPK trap. Lots of potential with this one. 
The Sharp and Pointy Contest
Ghouloid (monster) - The fact is that this is really interesting take on the ghoul and a welcome addition. If we look into the Lovecraft story 'Pickman's Model' and 'The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadith' there are far more to the ghoul then meets the eye. 
Ghastoid (monster) - The Lovecraft story 'The Mound' introduces a whole other take on the Ghast. And this one is yet another take on it. These things could add to the AS&SH roaster of undead horrors another welcome addition. 
Ogham (article) - Ancient Keltic language that could easily be adapted into the background and flavor of the AS&SH universe. Not enough is being done with ancient languages to add just that extra push for OSR gaming.
File:Scharrachbergheim église protestante 3.JPG

So your possibly asking yourselves why this is on the Sword and Stitchery blog. The answer is that much of the material in this issue can also be used for a variety of OSR adventure design.
The same material with very little effort could easily be used for an ancient astronaut adventure, the monsters as undead horrors from beyond space and time, and the Saul pantheon as powerful alien entities just waiting to be unleashed upon your campaigns. 

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