Thursday, January 16, 2014

More Free Sword and Science Fantasy Fiction - Flight Into Fog April 1948 issue of Fantastic Adventures magazine & A Bit Of Post Apocalyptic Mars Actual Play

Tonight, I'm getting together to run my Post Apocalyptic Mars campaign. The PC's are making their way through the Martian underground at a very critical juncture of the underground sub car system that riddles Mars(Barsoom). This section runs right under the zombie/ghul infested former battle fields smack through the Dark Martian territory. This area is infested with undead, entropic contamination, and all kinds of Colonial human settlement ruins. The place is a technological loot zone but some of the underground sub car system tunnels run right under and have collapsed into the underground Martian hell. 

1d10 Martian Underground Encounters 

  1. A group of Red Men ghuls on the hunt 1d8 monsters 
  2. 2nd level red men child hunter cannibals looking for sacrificial victims for their twisted gods 
  3. A single Dark Martian probe moving through the darkness for victims. 
  4. A party of technological scavenger hunters out on a looting mission, three second level fighters armed with traditional Martian weapons 
  5. A strange alien robotoid octopus moving through the darkness on some strange quest. Armed with energy weapons. 
  6. A pack of 1d10 zombies sharing a hive mind mentality. All hungry and all very dangerous! Infected with ghul rot and 20% chance of something much worse. 
  7. A single scouting party of Redmen and human survivors probing the darkness for lost technology. 
  8. An alien bounty hunter moving across the landscape looking for an escaped convict. 20% chance that he's working for the Dark Martians and looking for an experimental victim. 
  9. 1d10 mutant cadlot things modified by entropic mutation for the darkness and depths of the underground. Very hungry and with very nasty attitudes. 
  10. A Dark Martian hunting party of 1d20 mini tripods picking their way among the ruins and darkness. They're looking for survivors to pick off and eat (ie drain of blood). 
Today, we bring you the tale of 'Flight Into Fog' a tale of the Martian Sat. Monoon! 

You can download it right over
Blurb: "Catastrophe came to the Martian satellite, Monoon, that fateful day, in the form of a dreaded fog -- and it was up to Bradd to save his people..."

This story goes over the interactions between another one of  the Martian races and Earth. The action is fast and in the best of the pulp tradition. Its been one of my sources for my games over the past couple of years and I thought I'd pass it on! 

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