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A Taste For Darkness - AD&D Star Fleet Mission On Carcosa Actual Play Adventure Part II

The Setup 
I just got back from the second part of my AD&D Star Fleet Mission On Carcosa, A Taste For Darkness. You can read about the first part right over HERE

  1. Lieutenant Hamanod - Human Star Fleet Personnel - Peter's PC Fighter 
  2. Science Officer T'voh - Vulcan Science  Officer - Jackie's PC  
  3. Military Engineer Singh - Human Star Fleet Officer - Billy's PC 
  4. Michael Evens - Star Fleet Security Officer - Carl's PC 
  5. Marrah - Catian  Star Fleet Demolitions - Mary's PC 
  6. Doctor Kussh - Amoebaoid  Star Fleet Officer/Doctor - Henry's PC Cleric

The AD&D Rules for Star Trek's races, equipment, etc. are available right over

The party of PC's dealt with its latest host of weirdness on Carcosa when they stumbled upon a small Romulan 'duckblind' built within the side of some city ruins. They stumbled upon the last of the remaining three Romulan survivors fighting against strange proto shaggoth slime monster.
It took both parties to finally drive the thing off.  Disruptor rifles and hand phasers were set on max and only just managed to drive the thing off.

It turned out that the Romulans had managed to break into a wizard's tower and steal valuable 'protoshaggoth' material.  The situation quickly got out of hand for the Romulans as their new 'weapon' almost consumed the entire party of eight! Only three warriors remained of the party!
One vial of the material remained.


 The party still had most of its ammo and equipment. Which made the attack by the 'Diseased Guardians' especially harrowing. It seems that the wizard that they had pissed off earlier had found them and had taken a bit of a liking to their technology. He wanted it for himself and so he sent six of his minions to take it from them. 

Military Engineer Singh rigged up some explosives and was able to take out a couple of the 'guardians' with a lucky roll but was exposed to the mutagen qualities of the guardians filthy nails. 
Doctor Kussh was able to treat but not cure the condition and Singh began the painful process of becoming a  Diseased Guardian. He didn't make his save.
The Romulans told the party of the 'Tower of the Sorcerer H'revere'  and the possible cure he might have for Singh's condition. 
Science Officer T'voh,Marrah - Catian  Star Fleet Demolitions, The Romulan Warriors, and Lt.Michael Evans decided to pay a visit to the tower.
After a two day ride on some war lizards that the Romulans had captured previously. The party did have to do battle with a bunch of flying eye ball demons and a group of green men scav muties.  Yet the couldn't shake the feeling that they weren't alone. The party made it to the tower without further incident. They thought it might be a bit too easy.
'Tower of the Sorcerer H'revere'

Stands amid the blowing winds and stark sand at the edge of the 'Radioactive Desert'. This bio mechanic palace of ruined bio mechanical horror leans to one side and is slightly ruined by the centuries of neglect and abuse. The thing's skin is still alive and rich with nutrient solution. The Sorcerer H'revere is known as the trader of rust and ruin. All technology and artifacts interest him. He is rumored to be a living brain of the ancients transplanted into the skin of a bone man. Each century he transplants himself into another body. The unholy energies of his sorcery burns out the shell of his existence. 

 The party  was confronted by the guardian of the tower a bio goddess from Gigerland. This horror confronted the party and demanded to know their business with the wizard. After some heavy bargaining by the party they were let in for the price of a phaser power pack and a medi kit. Seems as if the goddess had an agenda of her own.
 The party explored the interior of the breathing and living tower. The interior was carpeted in living tissue and weird technology. There was also a triple hit point diseased guardian cyborg guardian it took out the remaining NPC  Romulan warriors. The party found the cure even as the wizard came home. A fire fight ensued and one of the PC's was wounded.
The other player was barely able to keep diseased PC sedated as the others rode back and confronted their team mate. The cure was applied even as 'Romulan Shaggoth' thing returned! Even blasted apart there is a good chanc for it to return. 
The barely healed PCs confronted the thing and blasted it apart. The wizard showed up and instead of a fire fight a truce was announced. You see the PC's trip was one way! The bargained some of the Romulan's technology for energy cells and a favor from the wizard. He gave them a map to some of the nearby villages where the just might get help and perhaps a lead on a way home! 

1d10 Random Carcosa Encounters

  1. A flock of flying eye ball parasites infected with various evil eye diseases 
  2. A group of alien drug traffickers 10% of them having 'the good stuff', white limbed 2nd level fighters armed with blasters 
  3. A giant rolling ulfire coulored slime the size of a bus being ridden by an alien wizard from the 8th dimension. 
  4. A flock of flying robots randomly blasting stuff for 1d4 points of damaged. The flock moves like pigeons in random directions and patterns. They may be mad or looking for someone. 
  5. A giant silent bio blimp life form lazily moves across the sky. Actually this thing is Lovecraftian demon possessed horror searching for a small green man boy. A lost prince of his people being hunted down by a family curse. 
  6. A lost jedi knight who has crash landed on Carcosa. Searching for a legendary order of Jedi lost upon this unholy place. 
  7. A space alien patrol pod looking for experimental victims to hunt down for its masters will summon 1d8 saucers in three rounds! 
  8. A undead spawn of Shub Niggurth, dead but still mobile looking for victims it can level drain to return to life from. 
  9. A lost boy, an advanced robot, and sniveling mad professor searching for their family/party. They are armed with a few high tech devices. 0 st level fighters at best. Armed with a laser pistol 
  10. A star Spawn of Cthulhu moves over head searching for prey! Insanity and depravity as well as destruction follows in its wake! 

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