Friday, January 10, 2014

Review and Commentary On The Free OSR Resource - Introduction to the Realms of Chirak From Zodiac Gods Publishing

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Need a location for your PC's to dive into for an encounter, a place to re equip, get the latest rumors , tangle with important NPC's, and perhaps have a mini adventure, this might be your location.
With a bit of restructuring and a science fantasy flavor this might become a mini star port, important off world trade center, or cultural jump point for the races of this star system.
Drive thru rpg blurb : 

This introduction to The Realms of Chirak provides a concise overview of the setting, including its people, cultures, and religion. Includes a map of the Sea of Chirak region.

This book can serve as a handy overview to give to players, and is system neutral. It can be used as a mini-gazetteer for any system.

Using Introduction to the Realms of Chirak From Zodiac Gods Publishing
In sixteen pages we're given everything we need to add the 'The Realms of Chirak into an OSR campaign. A brief but informative overview of the races, culture, and religions. A few blurbs about the backgrounds and then just enough material to get started.
There is just enough for a DM to fill in most of the background himself and customize what he needs to get started. There's interesting ideas, religious conflicts, and encounters lurking in the background and waiting to be fleshed out.
The material is well written, quickly presented, and given a concise write up in the booklet.
The maps are well done and concise easily dropped into an existing background while giving enough blank spots that can easily be filled in.
The material is system neutral and easy to adapt to most any gaming system. This product could easily be dropped into most any retroclone gaming system as an encounter location. The locations are perfect for a sword and sorcery game such as 'Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea.' Then again it might be used ad hoc into a game of 'Swords and Wizardry'.
With very little work and some imagination this book could be dropped into a space based retroclone games as well. With the wealth of detail and some additional locations this book could serve as a gate way of trade with this campaign world. This location is perfect to get space based PC's into a world of trouble and hurt.
Because this book is system neutral introduction is both seamless and quickly done using your favorite system.
Introduction to the Realms of Chirak From Zodiac Gods Publishing is a nice addition to my gaming arsenal and I've got plans for this one! Grab it while you can and I look forward to getting into more of the Realms of Chirak From Zodiac Gods Publishing!

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