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Review and Commentary On The Free OSR Download - Frontier Explorer Magazine for Star Frontiers and The Stars Without Number rpg system

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Star Frontiers is one of the original classic old school  TSR science fiction rpg games that has been release to the wilds of its fans. The game has thrived in the last couple of years. There are a few OSR style support magazines out there from the beloved Star Frontiersmen to this beauty.
Frontier Explorer is a bit different in that not only does it cover the majority of its content with Star Frontiers but it also once in a while throws a bone to other science fiction classic games. This issues covers one of my all time favorites Stars Without Number and notes for converting from Star Frontiers to SWN with easy.
The magazine is well laidout, well edited, and best of all free!
The contents include the following: 
Hello explorers!
The Sathar are coming!  Issue 6 of the Frontier Explorer is now available for download. This issue focuses on the Sathar and provides a wealth of information on how to integrate the sathar into your campaign.  Most of the content is rules agnostic and would allow the inclusion of the sathar regardless of the game system.
Articles include information on sathar society and military organization, an adventure introducing a possible sathar defector, a look at possible interactions with the sathar and the megacorps, and a look at hypnotism.  We also introduce the first of a series of articles looking at converting Star Frontiers material to the Stars Without Number game system.  In this issue we look at converting the sathar attack monsters. 
We also had a complete set of deck plans for a sathar destroyer but it just wouldn't fit.  Look for it coming out as a special "Frontier Explorer Presents" issue in the next month or so.
The issue content (articles) are:
  • A Player's Guide to the Star Frontiers Setting
  • Yazirian Parajumper
  • Truane's Star System Brief
  • Sathar Summit II
  • Consipracy Theories
  • Sathar and the Megacorps
  • A Thin Sharp Line
  • Extending the Line
  • Sathar Military Organization
  • Sathar Monsters Without Number
  • Exploring Hypnotism in the Frontier
  • Cybernuk of New Pale
  • A Can of Worms
  • Living Expenses
  • Got Techno-Babble?
  • The Gray Wave
  • Grymz Guide Comic #6
Confession time, I love the Sathar! These worm like rat bastard aliens have shown up in many of my games and its only fitting that they get ported over to Stars Without Number. Frontier players hate these guys with good reason. Many players are still sore at them for stranding them on Volturnus!
Many of these same players are now playing Stars Without Number so it only stands to reason that you as a DM should spread the Sathar expansion into your SWN campaigns. These monsters are the perfect way include some of the classic horrors of the Sathar. These things are known to be master manipulators, genetic and cybernetic mad scientists of the highest order, and megalomaniacs of the first degree.
The fact that these classic old school alien happens to be ported over into an old school science fiction classic retroclone based on OD&D is just sauce for the goose. Much of the material in this magazine is fluff but the introduction to the Frontier is worth the down load alone. Now back to the Sathar.
These guys are the perfect foils for the adventurers, rogues, and scoundrels of Stars Without Number. Best of all this issue has a ton of resources to throw at your players. From Weapons systems to the Sathar Military machine its all here and ready to go.
All in all I really enjoyed this issue and will look forward to having my players run into these classic Star Frontier baddies! 


  1. For all its flaws, I love Star Frontiers. I played the heck out of it long ago, and when I started my first G+ game I brought it back into the light. Got a decent size campaign out of it too.

    Even when not playing Star Frontiers, I borrowed liberally from it. I had dralisites and yazarians running around in my West End Games Star Wars campaign, among other things.

  2. I also loved and still do Star Frontiers. But I have so little time to run everything that my gamer HD/AD wants me to run.
    Oh I've had all of the Star Frontiers popping up throughout my campaigns most recently in Mutant Future a year or so back. They've also appeared in Alternity if anyone remembers that one due to a Dragon magazine article way back when. There's also been a few PC's in various Spelljammer games and they've made appearances in Star Wars as well.
    I'm actually hoping to add them to my current Stars Without Numbers game campaign but its really a matter of time at this point.
    I played the snot out of Frontiers back when I was doing rpg conventions.It's amazing just how many people pick up on the game if they've played in a campaign so many moons ago. I'll have some more Star Frontiers action coming up in the future fractal!. Thanks for the comment!


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