Monday, January 6, 2014

1d30 Random Encounter Table - "It came From The Polar Vortex!"

"It came From The Polar Vortex!"
Random Encounter Table 
  1. 1d8 Cannibalistic Ice hobbits 2 hit points 8 armor class 1d4 damage 20% chance of being infected with Ice rot. 
  2. A mated pair of ice drakes out hunting in the snow
  3. Troop of Wendigo out to wreck your day and hunting. Double hit point yeti 
  4. Snow queen traveling between realms with routine
  5.  Ithaqua (the Wind-Walker or the Wendigowith worshipers riding the clouds over head. 30% chance of noticing your party 
  6. Double Headed Ice Elemental 
  7. Christmas Elves utterly lost and arguing about directions. 10% chance of having a magic item in their sack 
  8. Ice Dragon hunting in the area 
  9. Time Lost Imperial Scout Walker looking for ATT unit 
  10. Time Lost ATT unit with snowtroopers, 40% of attacking nearest moving targets
  11. Snow mobile rider from the 1980's something Winter Olympics
  12. 1d20 evil ice gnomes looking to loot food and valuables  
  13. 1d4 Ice Warriors from Mars acting as scouts for a coming invasion 
  14. 1d4 yeti warriors scouting for their tribe. 10% of attacking otherwise they move on unless attacked 
  15. Time Lost Rebel Alliance patrol on Tauntans completely lost. 10% of them shooting first. 2nd level fighters armed with blasters 1d4 damage per shot 8 charges and a 30 yard range 
  16. Gate way to Cryonax's realm with a 20% every hour of a monster coming from his realm to investigate 
  17. 1d6 ice trolls double hit points looking for fresh meat.
  18. 1d4 zombie Santas looking for fresh brains. As per normal D&D zombies.
  19. Ice walker tribe barbarians utterly lost looking for the portal home. 1st level barbarians armed with battle axes and daggers 
  20. A scouting expedition of Dwarves looking a nearby mountain as a possible mining site. Not lost but slightly confused by their location. 2nd level fighters armed with short swords, shield, and very bad attitudes. 
  21. Mi Go warriors(AC 6 Hit Dice 4) looking for victims for soul sucking experiments, wearing heat webs and armed with 1d4 damage lightning guns capable of firing 20 feet.
  22. Ice Ghost of 1920's plow driver looking for next victim 
  23. A recruiting party of clerics looking for converts for  Cryonax, 3rd level evil clerics armed with ice wands and literature for their god. 
  24. A one eyed man in a wide hat walking along with a staff and followed by two crows. Smiles, nods, and continues on his way. 
  25. A Gypsy wagon with a bunch of alien acrobats and performers who have become lost in the snow storms. 
  26. A manic from the Look Out hotel armed with an ax looking to murder anyone who gets in his way. 2nd level fighter, armed with a +2 ax of slaying 
  27. Ice Resistant Cyborg(AC 6 8 hit points) armed with a  wand of freezing  who is looking to freeze product. 
  28. Cryonax Prince  of elemental evil cold creatures with a routine of 1d4 frost giants! 
  29. 1d4 Ice devils out to retrieve a soul that has escaped from Hell. They will slay and collect anyone they run across. Very cross, evil, and dangerous. 
  30. Ymir and an army of frost giants trying to escape their prison into our realm during the 'polar vortex'!  


  1. Thanks! More weather related madness coming up!
    Thanks for the comment! Cheers!

  2. Glad you think so Bill, I've got a few weather related spells you might appreciate as well. More coming up folks! Thanks for the comment Bill and the shout out the other day as well.

  3. ...from the last image...isn´t him Mr. Burns? :)

  4. Might be the inspiration for Mr. Burns, Claudio as he predates the Simpsons by quite a while. And I'm probably going to be returning to the polar vortex soon as we're sliding towards Winter again.


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