Thursday, January 9, 2014

Six 80's Sword and Sorcery Cult Classics For Your Old School Campaigns

Back again among the warriors, wizards, wise men, and wanton deviants of filmdom are we today? 
We have six 'genre' classics ermm trashtastic Sword and Sorcery titles for your delight. One came out back in 1974 but heck nobody puts anything back in the right place do they. I can't be held responsible for loss of sanity or taste from these horrors of a heyday gone day. Is your steel strong enough to stomach these classics.
 Right Over


  1. I might allow that Barbarian Queen is a classic--but BQII? That's a bit harder to swallow! ;)

  2. I did warn you about your sanity but I'm not responsible for Barbarian Queen actually that was the suggestion of one of my players from a game this past week.
    I think it might have been one of Roger Corman's outfits who had something to do with the distribution rights of Barbarian Queen I & II. But I also see you have familiarity with these movies. I wonder if they were in your Net Flix menu? Hmm ;-)
    Do I sense a Barbarian Queen themed 'Forbidden Stars' inspired entry coming up on your blog Trey in the near future?
    More to come Trey! And thanks for the comments my friend!

  3. I picked up a bunch of these for Christmas. Hope to have some reviews up soon.

  4. Fantastic, I'm really looking forward to it Tim. I hope you enjoy them.


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