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A Night Under The Red Sky - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Actual Play Adventure Part II

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Last time we had joined our party of Hyperborean scum upon the face of Mars they had been captured except for the party's purloiner. Aritso 'The Wicked' (a third level PC, Chaotic Good(errm mostly), beholden to the god Rel) had slipped his bonds and was cursed by the rest of the players as he snuck away into a nearby access tunnel. Aristo was played by Chris and the class appeared in the recent AFS magazine issue #4 . The class combines abilities of a cleric and a thief into one class.
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The rest of the party were going to be sacrificed to some nameless horror deep in the bowels of an outpost pyramid that happened to belong to 'Cult Of The Plumed Serpent'. These pyramids are located deep within the Martian jungles and usually surrounded by hordes of undead such as zombies and ghuls. The rest of the party were under paralysis and stored in nearby stone coffins for disposal to their 'god'
Aristo had managed to secret himself in a nearby hallway and remained undiscovered until he happened upon a former red man warrior now a ghul! The thing was feasting on a corpse tearing into its rib cage. A clever shot from Aristo's light crossbow through the head and he acquired a Martian short sword and radium pistol.
 On ward he continued under the glow of the radium bulbs lining the temple corridor.
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The drumming had stopped and the whole place was eerily silent finally after three more rooms and a needle trap. Aristo found the party. They were secreted like dolls waiting to be sacrificed!
A quick search of the room revealed both the antidote to the serpent men poison and its guardian!
 A corrupted Couatl swimming/flying through the air! The thing was aware of Aristo and was in the process of alerting its masters! Four shots from the radium pistol made short work of it though and sent the thing packing! Or so he thought.
Aristo worked quickly moving from one member of the party to the other. They only recovered a bit when the serpent men were back in force!
Fortunately the purloiner had checked for secret doors before the serpent men arrived and the party was ushered into the darkness of a long forgotten corridor.
The party moved carefully along the darkness finally lighting a torch and they wish they had not!
Rank upon rank of undead experimental things that the serpent men had broken and disposed of. Well sort of disposed of.
Quadri The Mighty(3rd level fighter) fell that day in that nameless corridor.
Finally the party emerged into a nameless room filled with flickering radium bulbs and a strange idol.
The very item the fools were looking for! 

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The party had to contend with the undead thing on the altar however that had its heart ripped out! The horror whose limbs were extended and serpent like was badly decayed and seemed almost melted like wax caused the players much undue problems.
Meanwhile the purloiner found another passage which led out into the jungle. Two of the party were worse for wear and had horrid wounds from the thing. So the party made tracks into the jungle. They had to get back to the teleport point to make it back to Hyperborea! 

Martian Jungle Random Encounter Table* 
  1. A pack of wild cadlots undead infected with ghul rot 2 hit points Damage 1d4 AC 8 
  2. Pack of 1d8 Martian ghuls 
  3. A train on its way to the temple with an ancient Martian  lich and 1d10 attendant undead legion of body guards. 40% chance of being a powerful sorcerer 
  4. 1d6 Red men Neanderthals in the employ of the serpent men. 
  5. A pack of wild zombies former sacrifices now jungle guardians. No treasure 
  6. Red man slaver on his way to sell his 'wares' to the serpent men. He has eight second level red men fighters working for him. They will try to capture you alive 
  7. A chaotic evil sorcerer 4th level on his way to trade magic items to the serpentmen
  8. An escaped Green Martian trying to get back to his clan. He will except any help but wants a sword. Fights as a second level fighter. A bit young and naive but full of spirit. 
  9. A red man alchemist who works for the serpent men with 1d6 attendants and one 1st level panthan as a body guard. 20% of a single magic item 
  10. A horde of serpent men looking for sacrifices to their insane Lovecraftian gods! 


  1. It was a blast Dave! Thanks for the comment and so was tonight's game as well!


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