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Rumble At Radio City Music Hall ~ OD&D Holiday Actual Play

Here is the final part of the ball to the walls OD&D holiday game I had over the Christmas holiday! Part I can be found HERE

Block by block through the New York nuclear winter landscape our party crawled dealing with corrupted gnomes, mutant fairies, and winter pixies.
Let's not mention the Lovecraftian cult gangs, and scrapes with the zombie Santas as well.
The final insult came once they had reached Radio City Music Hall!
The place was weirdly lit with garish Christmas decorations and canned carols playing everywhere. Here and there were burned out cars, ice covered over turned buses and things scavenging in the streets.
The party had to do a bit of scavenging themselves. They were low on ammo, weapons were broken, or worse and they needed a breather.

The real problem came as soon as they entered Radio City! The place was the lair for a 'Winter Wizard' of some renowned. This fifteen level monster had become an ice lich and converted the place into a holiday horror along with most of this demi plane of darkness and despair.
He had given the city over to the Great Old Ones in exchange for power and immortality but like all deals this one had a deadly clause. A sanity clause!
The poor fool was made a part of the building as giant ice sculpture!
His power and magic used to fuel this nightmare for all eternity.

The party slowly made their way through the lobby and the cross bow laden room. They had recruited another 4th level mutant thief who was able to warn them. They had a real up hill battle though when they saw the first of the zombie soldier Rockettes!
These were the wizards eyes, ears, and nervous system throughout the complex. He was linked to them via telepathy and magic.
They had all the powers of the standard OD&D zombie but moved like the nurses from the Silent Hill games. And they were everywhere! You see he had been on a recruiting drive for years! The poor victims hearts removed and piece of unmelting magic ice implanted within their chests.
The real problem began when the party searched the place while dodging the 'ladies'. 

Finally they reached the stage where the bastard was frozen solid and the magic item they were to retrieve! After an extended battle with the double hit point body guards of the wizard the party snatched the magic item while the wizard vowed vengeance for next year!
The party of hyperspace raiders were teleported out  to their final reward of experience points and treasure. 

Reference Material For The Holiday Game  

Get it Right

For requiring weapons, treasure, and the occasional artifact I used 100 Things To Scavenge Out Of Abandoned Vehicles In The Apocalypse series from Fish Wife games. The percentage dice were flying across the table. For added drama I mined a few of the vehicles as well.  Stick a few undead in and some weird parasites and your ready to rock and roll!
Thanks to Heretic works for the following: 

Another book that I had a hand in that got a ton of use in this game was Space Age Sorcery 1.5 available free 
The Revised and Updated Version 1.5 of Space-Age Sorcery has been uploaded to our Free Stuff folder at BOX. -

That's available right over 
The FREE pdf contains:
  • More than 100 strange new spells suitable for use with most Old School RPGs
  • Magic User & Cleric Spell Lists
  • A table for Optional Dire Consequences
  • 1d6 Spell-Based Scenario Seeds
  • 1d6 Magic Items
  • 1d6 Encounters

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