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Another Free Sword and Science Fantasy Fiction Download- "Barsoom!" From The September 1982 issue of Heavy Metal magazine.

"Barsoom!" From The  September 1982 issue of Heavy Metal magazine 

A Princess of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs 1917 illustration 
Free download 

Blurb :
Article about author Edgar Rice Burroughs by ,Richard A. Lupoff published in September 1982 issue of Heavy Metal magazine. Illustrated by Clyde Caldwell.

This is a great article from back in the old school days of  Heavy Metal, this article serves as primer for both Edgar Rice Burroughs and Barsoom. Much of the material is still relevant to Barsoom, the characters, and gaming on EB's Mars.
The artwork is top notch from Clyde Caldwell and doesn't labor the points of the material at all. Much of this stuff is easy to digest and incorporate into your favorite old school sword and planet campaigns. 

Take a look I've used this article as a player handout now over the past year and its worked out quite well. 
This article gives a colorful, in depth overview of ERB's mythos and allows the players to see exactly what they need to know when diving in the deep end of a Barsoom campaign.
Sword and planet can be a very tricky 'genre' to convey to players. The ideas are very 'cliched' and sometimes seen as hacked up by today's standards. But given some of Clyde Caldwell's illustrations and they get into rather quickly add in Mr.Lupoff's  text and you've got a rather easy sell for an Mars campaign.
Given my Post Apocalyptic Mars campaign this was an easy fit for some of the influences for the newer players lately I've added over the Christmas and New Year Holidays.
This blog entry is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to challenge the trade mark or copy rights of the holders of this work. The author's work is copyrighted to him as well as the trademark for such work. Heavy Metal magazine is copyrighted to its original owners and copyrights.
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