Monday, January 13, 2014

1d30 Random Treasure Table From Mongo For Your Old School Space Opera

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As Mongo spreads its evil throughout the universe many of its most valuable and weird artifacts have shown up across the multiverse. Strange and odd items with mysterious powers, all of them sometimes having an aura of the evil of Ming about them. 

1d30 Random Treasure  Table  From Mongo
  1. A Hawkman hand blaster 1d6 points of damage 30 yard range 6 charges 
  2. 1d10 golden coins from Ming's palace with a 10% chance of being cursed 
  3. Small bag of ice jewels from Frigida 100 credits 
  4. Robot Head 100 gold with a 40% chance of an evil personality 
  5. Spun gold from the planet  of the Lionmen 
  6. Ming's palace guard sword +2 
  7. Mongo Secret police  micro ring blaster 1d4 damage 4 charges 20 foot range
  8. Hawkman whistle of the Great Eagle calls one giant eagle per day on Mongo 
  9. Freeze Arrows 1d6 arrows 90 gold each 
  10. Jar of live Bore worms in suspension 100 gold pieces 
  11. Clytus's Cybernetic head with personality matrix intact 500 gold pieces 
  12. Fridiga Ice Wand as wand of frost 600 gold pieces 
  13. Leather armor from Aborbia 
  14. Ice jewels from Fridiga 700 gold pieces worth 
  15. Control Ring of Ming minor with control machine spell ability intact others not working 400 gold 
  16. Flash Gordon's Tee Shirt +1 on all Charisma rolls 
  17. Combat robot brain and control unit (yellow guard model heavily damaged) 50 gold pieces 
  18. Ming's Daughter's whip +1 damage but mostly worth as a collector's item  300 gold 
  19. Jade Lion Man necklace 100 credits with 10% chance of enchantment 
  20. Hawk Man Flying Bike heavily damaged 4000 gold pieces and can be salvaged by Technomancer 
  21. Set of Keys belonging to Ming's Summer Palace 300 gold pieces, the place has been unoccupied since the last rebellion 
  22. Rings of Seduction  once belonged to Ming, 3000 gold pieces, 4 charges left 20% chance of needle trap
  23. Electo shackles capable of holding a Yeti or lesser humanoid. 20 gold pieces 
  24. Genetic Blue Print For Flash Gordon 50000 gold pieces but this is a cursed item which causes enfeeblement as per the spell. 
  25. Map of Buried Hawkmen gold secreted after their city was destroyed 
  26. Map of the Witch Kingdoms of Mongo including secret enterences 
  27. Control crystal to War Rocket Ajax 200 gold pieces 
  28. Major Domo robot Head unit 10% chance of salvage 100 gold as curiosity item 
  29. +1 needles of slaying, carry the royal sigil of Mongo 
  30. Map to Zarkoff's hidden rebel laboratory on Mongo! 

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