Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Night Under The Red Sky - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Actual Play Adventure

File:Mars Valles Marineris.jpeg
I got called in last minute to help out a friend's OSR gaming session after the regular DM took sick this evening. It was a group of players I DMed before and they wanted a very quick one shot tonight. 
 The PC's were rolled up using the Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea game rules and the party was recruited by a the wizard Xyrurusa to retrieve an artifact from a colony of serpent men whose colony was lost deep in time.
There were seven PC's representing a good solid cross section of Hyperborean scum from across the campaign world. The party were going to have to maneuver through the corridors of time and space using an ancient artifact that would guide them to its home. There were offers of fabulous rewards for the party from the wizard.
The wizard cast the spell and opened the gate way in time and space allowing the party access to the horrors of the 'Time beyond Time'.
It took the players the better part of two hours of crawling around the corridors of the weird time gate space to finally follow the artifact called the 'Eyes and Coils of the Serpent's Kiss' to arrive on Mars.  This was a planet torn by strife! Immediately the party found itself in the middle of a fire fight between two rival city states! Their flyers clashing in the skies and causing the party any number of issues! 
File:Cutta fight.jpg

Between the reports of guns, the exploding radium bullets, and the flaming craft, the PC's had a hell of a time staying alive! The party at this point is unaware that they are in the deep end of things! They're millions of years in the alternative future of 'Old Earth' along the winding river of time lost to the ages! 
Arrows, radium bullets, and flyers arch over head as the armies of the Red Martians clash with abandon! 
File:Thuvia Maid of Mars 2.jpg
The party grabs a couple of Sliths, kills a few Red Martian warriors  and heads deep into the red wasteland! They handle the mounts thanks to a quick spell by their wizard. Finally after a couple of days they find the dense jungle as the artifact leads them deep into the forbidden Martian landscape. 

They come face to face with a giant Martian serpent. The thing is as huge as a bus! The party manages to kill it after a protracted melee! One of their Sliths isn't so lucky and reptilian Martian riding beast bites the dust from the serpent's poisoned bite. 
File:Pyramid of Papantla - p461.jpg
 That's when the party catches sight of the giant pyramid in middle of the Martian jungle! The strange jungle drums really bothers the party and the players catch sight of a horrid totem statue of the serpent men. And that's when they hear the famiilar lock and load sound of the multiple radium rifles right behind them! 
File:Monolito de Coatlicue (con colores).JPG
To be continued Weds!

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