Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Umbrarious- Besham's Wyrm A New Monster For Ancient & Accursed Terra Using The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers Rpg System

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Bones cracked under foot as the adventurers trespassed on scared ground. Even in the torch light the bones looked 'odd', black, discoloured, and warped. There was ageless evil here in the 'Temple of the Weeping Dawn.' The music had started once again here like it had in ages past. Wives, young ones, and the old began to go missing again as in the legends the wise women of the village told.
" Do not stray in the fields after dark.' they whispered from rough wrinkled lips.
It was the new moon and the villagers gathered what merger gold they had to hire slayers, and so called heroes to deal with the problem. Already three parties of fools disappeared into the temple and the gold unclaimed.
These were men with nothing to lose, a priest, a thief, a swordsmen, and a wizard of some renowned. They had a few artifacts from the 'old times' to deal with other 'ancient horrors'.
That's when they came upon the pit and it glided up the sides. A thing as thick as a mammoth on ancient decayed and glowing skin with eyes old as the blackest pits of Hell. It regarded tonight's dinner with eager and insane eyes. Even as the band of phantoms began to play with instruments long since turned to dust.
Gongs, drums made from human flesh, flutes of thigh bone, and weird stringed things all kept time with the pulsing heart beat of a thing that should be long dead.
The Umbrarious had come to feed on the bones and marrow of tonight's victims. The villages would always send more.
Tales of ancient treasure always attracted more food to this insane thing's gullet!
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