Saturday, January 25, 2014

Review and Commentary On 100 Scavenged Food Sources From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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100 Scavenged Food Sources
(A Game Supplment For Post Apocalypse Settings)
100 Scavenged food sources
This simple list provides 100 different varieties of possible food that can be scavenged off of the fallen bodies of foes in a post apocalyptic setting. Some food sources are of the canned, processed variety while others are gathered/hunted in the surrounding wild.
The age old question during post apocalyptic adventures has been,'What the hell do the mutants and adventurers eat?'. Besides each other this two page well written little supplement randomly adds in a wide variety of food borne weirdness to your games. 
Food actually presents a huge opportunity to introduce a motivate to adventure. Remember Gamma World's 'Rite of Passage'. 

Gamma World's 'Famine in Far Go' comes to mind as well as various scenes from 'A Boy and His Dog'.
 Well in this two page random listing of food, stock,canned, and other weirdness your questions can be randomly answered. There's a list of stuff that can be incorporated almost instantly into your game. I'll be using this material this weekend in my upcoming Gothic Post Apocalyptic Mash up later this evening.
The material is well written, concise, and has a variety of applications. You could use this material as part of a space game for analysis a native culture that has undergone a nuclear war and is now suffering a plague from a food based pathogen. Your answer are a roll away. 
For a dollar this is a fun little tool to add to your post apocalyptic DM's tool box. Fish Wife games has been consistently providing some great stuff for the old school Post Apocalyptic DM and player at an affordable price. 

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