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Review and Commentary On Genisis Film's "Sophie's Fortune - The Treasure of Quetzalcoatl" For Your OSR Campaigns

Sophie's Fortune - The Treasure of Quetzalcoatl (Short Film Trailer) from Genesis Flux on Vimeo.

This is something a bit different then what you normally might be expecting to see on Sword and Stitchery but I was asked to take a look at Genesis Flux's latest efforts. Sophie's Fortune - The Treasure of Quetzalcoatl is a short action/adventure comedy with some interesting OSR traces in the background! 
The plot goes something like this : 
No budget British Short Film shot completely in the UK.
Brendan gets involved in a 'Fathers only' treasure hunt for the sake of his 7 year old niece Sophie. But what Brendan begins to realize is that the parents imagination may have gotten the better of them and it might not be so easy bringing home Sophie's Fortune. This film can be described as "Indiana Jones" meets "The Goonies" with it's fun and fantastical take on action and excitement.
This has been a grueling collaboration between all departments of the cast and crew aiming for that slight chance that we could do something on a blockbuster level. We hope you enjoy what we came up with!
Believe it or not this is a pretty damn inventive little film where the cast of characters revolve around each trying to knock one and other off. Each of the 'treasure hunt' portions  of the film has its own traps, puzzles, and internal logic that reminds me of a game of  OD&D. The comedy is light and airy but does have its own charm. The characters are taking this treasure hunt way too seriously. There's a nice balance between the cast of characters trying to knock each other off and the action/adventure.

 The cast is fun and definitely engaging. We get some really nasty bits in the background as if Grimtooth designed some of bits of Sophie's Fortune.
 This isn't a film that takes itself serious but that's really part of its charm.
There are pieces of this film that remind me of some of the block buster American action/adventure comedies of the 80's and 90's. That means that there is a ton to steal from as well for an OD&D game as well.
Think back to the first time you saw 'Goonies' and it gave you a ton of ideas as well as entertaining you. 
Yeah its kinda like that.

Chris Cronin and the cast certainly know how to entertain and for a 2012 release this is a great family action/adventure comedy  film.
Here's the official site for the film
Right HERE

Using Sophie's Fortune As OSR Fodder
 "Sophie's Fortune - The Treasure of Quetzalcoatl" hits all the right buttons as a short but also as an action/adventure comedy game. I can see using this short as fodder to run a parent kid adventure game using the OD&D engine and some additional rules on the fire arms. This actually serves as a perfect cross over game for introducing some of the basic concepts of old school rpging while entertaining the whole family with a quest style high adventure game.
This could be a game where the boundaries of reality are stretched. Add in a few monsters here or there from the Monster Manual and your ready to go. 

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