Thursday, September 10, 2015

1d6 Random Encounters With Demons & Mad things That Are No Longer Men Table For Your Old School Games

Those who wander to close to dream zones and points of psychic contamination can become lost in the ripple zones of the Near Dreaming and become infected with the weird Threshold radiations. Left over contamination from the war of the old gods and the Great Old Ones. These beings eventually become Those who are no longer men mutant beings whose existence is one of degeneration and violence trying to pray on fellow men and consume them to sate the hunger within them. Those adventurers, freebooters, and wanderers who tread the borders of Accursed Atlantis and come upon ripple zones must save vs device or gain 1d4 mutations and lost one point of permanent intelligence and wisdom as the poisons warp body and mind. Those who wander further into these death zones can expect to eventually lose their souls completely as the these energies warp and consume them as they gain an additional 1d4 minor mutations and their damnation becomes complete.

1d6 Random Encounters With Daemons
& Mad things That Are No Longer Men Table
  1. Ddhuagoskek - This former member of the city guard has crossed one to many times into the Dreaming ripples and been sent into the Beyond by telepathic temptations from his masters. He's become a Vrock with highly dangerous mutations an appetite for the flesh of men. His routine of 1d8 mutants are 3rd level fighters and he uses an energy weapon as well as an magick frost brand sword of +3. He serves a demonic master deep in the wastelands and has a sizable cult in one of the capital cities. 
  2. Sazharuakep- This twisted being was warped by his time in the deep wastelands and seeks to gather souls for his dark masters and is still able to assume his nondescript 4th level fighter form and joins parties of adventurers as a hired mercenary and guide only to turn on them in hours of desperation. He has the ability to become a humanoid jelly of loathsome sanity blasting aspect. His touch does 1d4 points of acidic damage with a successful melee attack. 
  3.  Omaua-cyauac is a former Aztec warrior who wandered into the wastes of Accursed Atlantis through a time  and has given up his human form in favor of that of a minor Hezrou after mutating through a humanoid tadpole stage. He deals in the hearts, minds, and souls minor wasteland wizards and is constantly on the look out for more for his masters. He uses an enchanted  +3 maquahuitl, and a chimalli without any decorations.Omaua-cyauac takes the eyes of his victims which he thinks are delicious and is served by 1d8 damned souls. He attacks parties based on relative strength and opportunities. 
  4. Sazharuakep the begger king is the leader of a group of 1d100 begger's guild of mutant things that used to be men. This network of thieves and spies works throughout the wastelands selling souls, information, and has a brisk trade in artifacts and magick relics. Sazharuakep serves three death gods and has a quote of souls each day. Sports 1d8 mutations 
  5. Othuggot former Atlantian priest and now full time demonic horror this thing moves across the sky as a Nalfeshnees made from the body parts and muscles of his former students after falling asleep in the deep wasteland next to a dream ripple zone of  Hellish energy. He is now in charge of gathering new souls for his dark masters and  judges new souls for consumption or sacrifice to his dark masters. He is especially fond of the taste of dark wizards and gathers treasures for pacts with local wasteland thieves guilds. 
  6. Za'ithanacal once a deadly mutant queen who willingly subject herself to the dangerous threshold energies to become a succubus of horrid aspect. She is served by a retinue of her old wasteland mercenary guild now turned into dark undead hag things. Za'ithanacal loves to prey on unsuspecting adventurers and devour the souls of the stupid and foolish. She uses her wiles to seduce sorcerers and wizards of a powerful aspect to lay claim on their holdings and expand her wasteland empire.

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