Friday, September 25, 2015

1d4 Random Unusual Druid Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The druids of Ingondulingl
There are secretive & highly dangerous druid sects on accursed Atlantis, these particularly secretive as well as dangerous brotherhoods oversee some of the last Atlantian woodlands and forests. These places of the wild are their domain and charges watched over as one watches over a protected child. There are adventurers who sometimes invade these places to acquire special relics and items of the Ingondulingl brotherhood. Here is a selection of Ingondulingl items for your adventurers to run a foul. Ingondulingl are known to stake out and crucify their victims in ritual fashion, especially those who violate their woodland homes and forests.

1d4 Random Unusual Druid Finds Table

  1. The Orb of Y'llra - This living wooden orb is grown and fashioned from the bowel of a mighty oak after six years. The orb shows the most fertile areas within a twenty five mile radius for a community. This orb grants dreams of prophecy for these areas; the orb must be grown in one of these areas after finding a suitable location for a community. A tree must be subject to a special blood rite by the local priesthood of druids by using the blood of a prophet to bind the magick of nature's promise to the tree. The orb also grants 30% magic resistance against black magick attacks because of its deep ties to the local forces of nature. 
  2. The Tablet of P'kirnut - This living wooden tablet is grown within a special sacred grove and records the legends and stories as well as secrets of great heroes of olden times. The tablet animates with the shadows of fallen druidic brothers and shades of the fallen. The tablet will advise the living on matters of magick and nature. Tablets have been found out in the wilds of nature and some have become corrupted by the forces of darkness and chaos attracting the undead or worse. Tables out in the wilds of nature may grant 1d4 druidic spells to druids for great quests or adventures. 
  3. The wands of the tree of Orthuaululkal - These living wands grow from the trees of Orthuaululkal, this tree moves with the winds between worlds. They allow a druid to move between this world and the other for special insight and wisdom. Those who take advantage of this power may be granted special insight or wisdom into a current or future adventure. These wands also have a 40% chance of detecting the best times for magickal rites and ceremonies. 
  4. The vines of Fra- Those tied with these vines and staked out for two days are granted mental and astral passage into the shadow world. The owner of this item will be tested by a special predatory nature spirit should they survive the experience they gain the following ability. The living vines then wrap around the wrists of the owner allow the owner to gain +2 on all melee attacks.

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