Tuesday, September 8, 2015

1d6 Random Finds From The Wasteland Alchemist's Lab Adventure Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are always the alchemists who operate in the black markets of the cities of Accursed Atlantis, those sly souls and weird fringe dwellers who move in dangerous circles of the criminal underworld. These dangerous souls are often sought out by adventurers and fools who need their services to recharge relics and artifacts, cure the latest wasteland disease, cleanse the soul of the latest in demonic corruption and possession. There are often some very dangerous and interesting items for sale in these place in Accursed Atlantis. Here then are six items to vex and alter the lives of those who encounter them, damnation is for sale at a price. These alchemists will be at least 7th level or higher, their souls are often pledged to one or more evil elemental princess or princesses, and they sometimes serve infernal wasteland cults. These may seek revenge on anyone foolish enough to attack these back alley black alchemists.

1d6 Random Finds From
The Alchemist's Lab Adventure Encounter Table
  1.  The Powders of Aeigugogut- This powder enables the user to remove diseases and temporarily arrest the effects of wasteland mutations for 1d4 days. There will be twenty doses of this material and it is extremely expensive to make. There are several rare herbs and the poison of the giant mutant  waste scorpions is rendered down for the base of this material. 600 gold pieces per jar.
  2. Nailago-cath's Bane - This chalk is made from ground demon's bone, silver, and several expensive demon bane flowers. The chalk is used to carve several runes from the handy chart that comes with the box of six pieces of chalk. Demons, Outer Darkness monsters, and several astral parasites can't cross barriers made with this material. 1000 gold pieces. 
  3. Daulothana's Jar- This combination of wasteland relic glass work and rigged up energy cell enables a relic device to receive 1d4 charges as the device eats itself. There is a 10% chance of an electrical elemental being attracted to the machine. 
  4. Zho-othu's Lens - These pieces of fused ancient atomic blast glass have been etched and enchanted to see monsters and creatures of other worlds including Hell. They act as minor wizard eye spells to areas with a 30 foot radius around the user but the lens acts as draw for the predators of the Outer Darkness. Worth 700 gold pieces 
  5. The Device From Yor-pha- This device uses a combination of minor technology and demonic magick to open 1d4 portals into the underworld. These enable the device owner to blink into and out of existence but there is a 30 % chance of  a monster from the Outer Darkness devouring the fool using this tech. Worth 6000 gold pieces.
  6. Bhokel-negnan's rings of power - These rings enable the owner to create a minor force field around them for 1d4 rounds at a time. This enables incredibly dangerous demonic creatures and the like at bay thirty feet from the owner. The device is powered by the soul energy of the user through a specially treated crystal. These rings are worth between 900 to a 1000 gold pieces.

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