Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1d6 Random Anunnaku Relics & Treasures Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Dealing in Anunnaku relics & treasures is at the best of times always a very risky proposition for in the deserts and wastelands of Accursed Atlantis these items come with a price. And this is often a heavy one which weighs on the flesh & souls of those freebooters & adventurers who find the giant winged skeletons of these long lost warlords of the wastelands. There are always rumors of these horrors stalking and ruling some ruined kingdom in some foreign quarter of the deepest parts of the wastelands. Always this is taken as simply the ravings of a delusional mind. The Anunnaku are long gone and extinct now, their skeletons and relics decorating the museums of the far corners gathering dust in some collection of a museum or warlord's collection deep in the wastes under the Faraday cages and leaded glass cases.

Those who come within a twenty yard radius of these relics must make a save vs device saving throw or be hit with the deeply alien radiations of these ancient devices. They will suffer 1d4 mutations of a Lovecraftian nature, see appropriate matrix in Realms of Crawling Chaos , Carcosa other OSR supplement.

1d6 Random Anunnaku Relics & Treasures Encounter Table
  1. An ancient glass cylinder four foot tall made of steel, brass, and containing the trapped essence of a fallen angelic prince. The stuff is completely trapped but leaks colours never before seen in the world of men. The material can be used to power a star ship of incredible size or a large city. Weights several tons and is worth 60,000 gold pieces to the right mad wizard who deals in these things. 
  2. The preserved forearm and claw of a demon prince taken as a trophy by an ancient  Anunnaku prince of the wastelands. The thing is still sort of alive and will move in a mockery of life. It can still cast 1d4 spell like abilities of a minor demon once per day but will corrupt anyone handling it for more then 1d8 days, their soul polluted with the foulness of this thing. 
  3. A weird had device of unknown purpose that radiates fear and offensive thoughts to all within a 50 foot radius. Those near the thing will turn on their comrades and friends, if a mob is brought within 60 yards of the thing those within its sphere of influence must save vs wands or attack each other as if they were subject to a berserk spell or the like. Only a lead bag covering it will quell this influence, the device can also project the thoughts of its owner as per a rod of command over a two mile distance. Worth 70,000 gold pieces to the right wasteland warlord or wizard. 
  4. A lead crystal sphere that churns with the forces of the goddess Tiamat, anyone subject to this weapon will mutate if a save vs device is not made within a 60 foot radius. Further those using this thing for more then 1d4 days may be possessed by the Mother Hydra herself. 
  5. A staff of weird flowing metal that is dangerous in the extreme. The thing will warp the flesh of those who handle it for more then three round. In the hands of a psychic or mutant with Esper abilities the thing can be used to charm as per the spell a worshiper of chaos or as a +3 spear weapon with three blades that shape shift from the thing but the owner must save vs device or be subject to the ancient alien whims of the Anunnaku lich things. 
  6. A claw of one of the scorpion people that has been wreathed in bio metal and is now a short sword like wand. The thing acts a +2 sword against the life form  things of  Anunnaku  and their llk. But those using it will be subject to alien hungers, thoughts, behaviors. There is a 60% chance of one of these alien ghosts trying to possess the owner after 1d8 days of using the thing.

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