Monday, September 28, 2015

Raid On The Baikonur Cosmodrome - Black Market Inc. & Islands In The Stream Campaign Prequel Adventure - A DCC Rpg Actual Play Event Part III

Last night I got called in last minute to run game after the dungeon master for a D&D game got called in on an emergency EM call. I ended up with nine players many of whom were regulars at my Black Market Inc game. A quick funnel and it was time to wrap up one of the lingering adventures from back at the end of August. So I finally got together with Steven and his brothers after a few months between Black Market Inc Dungeon Crawl Classic adventures. Last night's game saw the loss of two PC's in vaults and tunnels under the Baikonur Cosmodrome. 
The party had to contend with some of Kronos's spawn and they had to retreat more then a few times into side tunnels and they lost their cleric.To say that the players weren't happy is an understatement. The death of the cleric resembled something from anime. The less said about that the better. Kronos follows the rules laid down in Crawling Under A Broken Moon issue four, the object as patron rules. The PC's also ran into mutants & other horrors in a genetics lab and trashed the place with a handy flame thrower they found Alien Resurrection style. This whole event on level 6 attracted the attention of one of the Discarded under Krono's control and it was the rat bastard A.I. who controlled this entire level of the dungeon like ruins.

The party also spotted a really nice set of light mech armor still sealed in its plastic enclosure bubble, untouched and it wasn't corrupted by this level's boss monster. The party wanted that armor. And they had a fight on their hands with that Discarded A.I. whose stats looked something like this :
The Discarded, large: Init +1;Atk flailing appendage +4 melee(1d7+1); AC 17; HD 8d8; MV 20’;Act (2d3)d20; SP +4 to sneak,consume tech, play dead; SV Fort+5, Ref +1, Will +0; AL C.
The power armor and discarded came straight out of issue number seven of Crawling Under A Broken Moon  Which if you haven't picked it up then I strongly suggest you do. It's damn useful for DM's looking to add in options to their post apocalyptic DCC style game. This party of adventurers succeeded in defeating the boss monster but everything actually hinged on another party of adventurers!

Grab This Issue of CUABM

Meanwhile Out In The Wasteland
Surrounding The  Baikonur Cosmodrome

Meanwhile another group of freebooters were trying to avoid getting killed by a very, very, pissed off pack of invisible monsters thanks to Venger Satanis. The party of adventurers had a cyborg in their midst and various mutant adventurers along with a barbarian from the wilds of Canada. They had an ace up their sleeve as well in the form of a set of force fields that the other party had recovered and teleported to the surface before their wizard was taken over by Kronos. These were Great Race of Yith artifacts recovered by the Soviets before the Great Atomic Wars.

The party was able to set the force field in place but their barbarian was torn limb from limb by one of the invisible monsters. The wizard Crowley St. Germain sacrificed himself to distract Kronos as the inversion bomb was set and the timer counted down to give the party time to escape.  The invisible monsters sensed something was up and closed in on the party's location. Then it was 10.. 9.. 8.. 7.. Cafuush  and the  Baikonur Cosmodrome has a new set of step pits. Nothing could live through a Great Race Inversion bomb. Nothing. Well Crowley did give the adventurers time to escape.

So not only did the party escape but they made it out with some artifacts and goodies for their employers and that means they get issued new toys for the next adventure. All in all not a bad run at all. A few more deaths then I was expecting but not a bad game at all.
Notes On Running Black Market Inc.

One of the essential books in my experience of running this game was issue five of Crawling Under a Broken Moon. Not only do the players have their choice of a He Man or Thundarr The Barbarian style of PC adventurer to play with. The DM has lots and lots of toys to play with from this issue.  If your into 80's cartoon post apocalyptic action then this is definitely the issue to have in your tool box. There's lots of goodness to add in to the background.
More action coming up as the parties expand into space and we've got more 80's action coming up and now we return you to your regularly scheduled games.

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