Thursday, September 24, 2015

1d4 Random Minor Lovecraftian Obelisks Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns


There are nameless ruins that dot the landscape of accursed Atlantis, these ruins often have wind worn obelisks with weird powers and strange auras about them, many of these places are taboo to local tribesmen and warriors. They avoid these places where it is said that the very powers of hell sometimes hold sway and their mystic elements have come down to those who live around them in myth and whispered legend. So here are 1d6 minor Lovecraftian obelisks for your adventurers and freebooters to encounter.

1d6 Random Minor Lovecraftian Obelisks Encounter Table
  1. Obelisk of Rlz'haakehua - This obelisk summons 1d6 minor demons of weird aspect, they will perform obscene rites and try to summon their horrid demonic overlord trapped in the Outer Darkness. They will try to attack PC's to sacrifice to open at a dimensional gate to their master's prison world. There is a treasure chest buried at the base of the obelisk buried by past adventurers who came across this place in the gibbous moonlight of the night. 
  2.  Zsig-otha's Needle - This obelisk is actually the antenna of a demon god thing that has been trapped by  ancient Atlantian heroes and bound into this sacred temple's ground. The thing could be released by a sacrifice of a great hero's death. But so far only adventurers and thieves have come here looking for treasure.  Zsig-otha's minor demons are summoned from the dreams of the demon god and dance in the court yards at night under the alien stars of accursed Atlantis. They have been murdering and killing for thousands of years and the treasures of a million adventurers have been piled at the needle's base to tempted thieves and fools here. 
  3. Dachacholoin Prison - This obelisk marks the prision of the demon whale  Dachacholoin who is held within the Outer Darkness and whose essence is locked in the soil here, 1d8 gremlins of a weird aspect are summoned nightly to carry out the wishes of their trapped master who feeds on the souls of wizards. The scroll of Ig'keliqu was swallowed by the demon whale and it gained two hundred twenty true demons names and spells. These have been burned into the flesh of the monster and even now wizards hunt for this site to pry the secrets from place. There will be 1d4 soulless wizard zombies animated at night by the shadow of the prison.
  4.  Ighogggoshaz Shaft - The summoning site for the incubus/succubus prince 'Ighogggoshaz the Wounded Seducer of Kings & Queens'; this shaft is supposedly the member of the demon prince and marks the spot where the paladin Ddhlathus murdered him and banished his essence to the Outer Darkness. This demon prince once was used to spawn half demon bloodlines across Atlantis. Now its essence appears in the wasteland and whispers horrid secrets of magick and damnation on the wind. It manifests  as a crimson mist that wizards and adventurers seek out to find hidden gold in the radius of the ruins.

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