Monday, September 28, 2015

1d4 Random Relic Torcs To Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaign

There are relic torcs that are still being fashioned in the dark recesses of the deep wastelands of Accursed Atlantis, these relics of ancient times are fashioned from semi precious metal, bits of relics, and woven with the dark magicks of some of the waste lander tribe's strange beliefs and twisted bits of ancient wisdom. Many of these relics are locked around the necks of their owner's necks and passed down in family lines. They are most often worn by adventurers and warriors from the former Celtic nations. Here then are 1d4 relic torcs that your adventurers might find in certain ancient ruins or around the neck of a corpse.

1d4 Random Relic Torcs To Encounter Table

  1. Torc Of The White Moon - This torc gathers moonlight and allows it owner to take the power of the moon's fury into their heart. Once per day the owner can enter a quasi berserk state gaining +1 to their attack rolls. The owner becomes braver and almost foolish in his normal day to day risk taking however but gains the luck of the devil. Once per week he can reroll one failed roll. But abusing this power invokes the fickle side of the lunar goddesses and the owner may grow animal ears at a most inconvenient time losing two points of temporary Charisma. 
  2. The Tears Of  The Vine - This torc is shaped like the twisted vines of a tree, the torc allows the owner to invoke a stone skin spell once per week. The owner is subject to prophecy dreams as their consciousness is drawn to the forest of wisdom while sleeping. The goddesses of fate may visit the owner to impart tid bits of wisdom during these dreams. 
  3. Torc of Order - This torc has been forged in the fires of Law and twisted on the anvils of order. It allows its owner to detect Chaos in all its guises and to be immune to possession by a demon. The torc will glow or sing in its owner's mind if chaos comes within 10 feet of the owner. 
  4. Torc of the noble - This torc has been forged and created in the blood of enemy noblemen. Once per every three days the owner is allowed to take on the illusion of nobility and culture. The owner may have the airs and behaviors of breeding for 1d4 hours. The owner will slowly have to learn the ways and means of nobles as the ghosts that haunt the torc show him the ropes of th nobleman.

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