Sunday, September 20, 2015

1d4 Random Encounters With Lovecraftian Strains of Man Catcher Plants Table For Your Old School Campaigns

“I could not help feeling that they were evil things-- mountains of madness whose farther slopes looked out over some accursed ultimate abyss. That seething , half-luminous cloud-background held ineffable suggestions of a vague, ethereal beyondness far more than terrestrially spatial; and gave appalling reminders of the utter remoteness, separateness, desolation, and aeon-long death of this untrodden and unfathomed austral world.”
― H.P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness

In the dark misty halls & ruins of the Elder Things on Accursed Atlantis  in the wastelands where the Shoggoths have long departed, the relics and remains of other lifeforms still exist. These include the horrid man catcher plants, life forms that exist solely suspended between the kingdoms plants and animals yet belonging to neither. These things exist in the half luminous abyss of their  long departed masters of super science and sorcery existing in the darkness waiting to feed on any adventurers and freebooters who stumble upon the domains of these long departed monsters. Here then are 1d4 random Lovecraftian encounters for these hellish horrors. Use the stats for your favorite old school or retroclone systems for giant Venus Fly traps but add in 1d4 mutations to the monsters, the Elder Thing super science has warped these horrors into dangerous denizens of ruins and dungeons.

1d4 Random Encounters With Lovecraftian Strains of  Man Catcher Plants Table
  1. Uarnalogos- This giant quasi plant thing appears to move on its own and burrows into rock and flesh with micro tendrils infecting other life forms with its biological alien foulness. The Uarnalogos will animate any dead flesh or corpses into 1d6 undead biological horrors that guard the next generation of hive minded Uarnalogos monsters. Shoggoths love the taste of these horrors and go out of their way to target those who get bathed in the sprouts of these foul horrors. 
  2. Yshull grow around the former magickal energies of the Elder Things and infect anything they come in contact with in the weird radiations of their power sources. The plants monsters tear apart flesh and bone and capture the souls of those they kill to slowly swallow and digest the power of their victims. 
  3. Ithoghac-sast -The towering  Elder Thing instrument plant that processes the souls, biology, and brains of their victims. The Ithoghac-sast turns its victims inside out and right side into more useful forms while keeping the victim alive and feeding off the suffering and pain of their victims. They use spores to take over the minds of some of their victims; these are used as guardians for Ithoghac-sast biological factory nurseries of the Elder things. 
  4. O'teiaogggoth The Fetus Machines - These biological man catchers capture any animals or men or near men that approach within a 50 foot radius, these monsters section their victims off while keeping them alive and use their victims various biological systems for forbidden and horrid biological super science systems. The victim's life force is redirected by the O'teiaogggoth to power the new bio engineered system and product of these plant things. Many tribes of near humanoids sacrifice themselves and victims to  the biological ideal and perfection that the O'teiaogggoth's offer.

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