Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Review & Commentary on Free The OD&D Cacozealot Class By Corey Ryan Walden For Your Old School Campaigns

With the Fall sweeping in to New England I'm looking into more horror themed  and unusual OD&D racial PC options.


Cacozealot racial class is a really nice half demon/half fairy PC class from the pen of Corey Ryan Walden. I've been looking for a low powered but highly dangerous race to throw into my games. This is it; the Cacozealot  has many of the powers, abilities, and minor skills that a pre Flood monster that I'm looking for a Fall sword and sorcery campaign.
All minis featured in this overview are from Reaper right over HERE

For a sword and sorcery this class adds the hint of corruption just bubbling under the surface of such PC's. You get a whole range of possibilities without sacrificing the awesome even as the heritage of weirdness and horrors roils under the surface of the PC race. There's plenty of pulpy weirdness in this class that can bridge the gap  between a sword & sorcery campaign and a modern horror investigation game using the OD&D engine for horror adventures. The class is balanced, well done, and does not use  a mishmash of ideas and concepts from its writer's pen but pulls in his ideas into a coherent whole that is very useful at the gaming table.

I can see using this racial class as all kinds of infernal muscle in alternative world  historical Nineteen Forties game campaigns where half demon mobs and mafias run the gamut and clash in the shadows. Applying these sorts of modern conceits though for a more modern OD&D game a DM might want to visit the OSR Library.  This class could also be used for dealing with the horrors of the underworld. More on on that coming up.
All in all this class makes an excellent addition to a DM's library of tools and options for players to choose from for their games.

For an unusual racial PC class for OD&D the Cacozealot  makes a welcome addition to the DM's OD&D menu of PC options. For a free PC option Corey did a great job with this.

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