Sunday, September 6, 2015

1d6 Random Minor Lovecraftian Demon Lord Encounters Table For Your Your Old School Campaigns

Deep in the wastelands of accursed Atlantis there are horrors from the deepest recesses of Hell, things that come out at night to feed upon the souls of the wanderers, tribesmen, and fools who wander the deep wastelands and ruins. These horrors are things that once stood against the gods and ancient heroes in the times before recorded time but were once locked away when the doors to the Threshold slammed shut. The gates and wards that once held fast upon the vaults of the  underworld of the Dreamlands have eroded with the passage of time. Now horrors from beyond the pale once more roam the ancient ruined landscape. They come to feed and feel well indeed. Each of these horrors must eat 1d8 souls a night. They usually have 1d4 minor mutational powers in addition to characteristics found in the Monster Manual or other old school retroclone system documents.

1d6 Random Minor Demon Lord Encounters TableThese horrors sometimes collect relics and artifacts for  the exclusive tactic of attracting prey such as foolish adventurers and freebooters so that they may devour their souls.

  1. Eroroglaurdu A highly intelligent Vrock lord hunter who wields an enchanted +2 spear and artifact energy weapon, he is in charge of the trade in larva and souls with wasteland wizards. The thing is a shape changer and horror who enjoys murdering village inhabit for fun and profit appearing as a helpless victim of his minor minions.
  2. Ugorothi The Wanderer is a frog like warrior horror who trades in the skins of mutants and men using his superior abilities as a bounty hunter & wizard for hire then often turning on his employers for the sheer fun of it. 
  3. Liraetha The Cunning Darkness A shapeless thing whose lost his body in a fit of gambling and sorcery in the ancient past. This demon lord uses his ability as part fungus and alien matter to sell the brains and souls of his wasteland prey to the highest bidder. He can use spells up sixth level against his prey. 
  4. Ugorothi is a demonically  armed female warrior and wizard who specializes in using her healing arts and cybernetic super science to trade for the souls of those who need her arts. She also deals in black market artifacts on the side. She is a sixth level fighter as well who uses +2 magical weapons.
  5.  Vavali is a demonic horror hound that stalks the wastelands searching for souls and humanoid nerve systems to take back to the depths of his lairs scattered throughout the wastelands. 
  6. Moginan is a ghoul lord who has a linage of the demonic, he deals in magick artifacts and souls to move his agenda closer to bring the release of his masters from the depths of the Outer Darkness. In addition to the normal demonic powers Moginan is a seventh level wizard of considerable skills. 

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